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5 Tips to Get a Perfect Salwar Suit to Flatter your Body

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For a desi girl’s wardrobe, salwar suits make a staple. The outfit is known for imparting a fabulous look to women of all ages. Back in time when designer lehengas or sarees weren’t popular, salwar suits were thought to be the best outfit for every occasion. Now, these are available in designer suits and kameez for a woman to grace her persona. But before you buy women’s designer suits, you…

Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

3 Ways of doing the Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

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Marlyn doesn’t like wearing strapless, Charlie wears only three colors and Mia doesn’t wear dresses at all. Imagine if these girls become the bridesmaids for your wedding, what a ruckus they would create on the occasion. This is precisely why many people choose simple and generic wedding themes to appease people and let them dress according to their convenience. Or they become control freaks and choose some dresses in arbitrary…

Volga dots nail design

Astonishing Nail Design for Beginners

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In this world of fashion parade there is no end of what is called fashion and style. From head to toes style and fashion has been done especially by fashionable girls of this modern world. In the same way nail designing also has become a part of fashion.  The beginners of this fashionable period have an ample of opportunities to explore your talent in designing nails and get a special…

Kurti as dress

Kurtis: A Way of Fashion with Comfort

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Kurtis are the globally accepted comfort wear for day to day life. Summers are here and they call for such airy, loose, cotton-based outfit that keeps you fresh and at an ease for whole day long. What can be the better bet than a gorgeous kurti! Remember the last year Spring-summer collection at international runways? From Valentino to Armani, the influence of Indian traditional kurtis or tunics can be seen…

Prada's Latest Collection of Shoes

Prada’s Latest Collection of Shoes – A Tale of Two Pairs

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Hardly has any garment enjoyed an impressive rise, that the sneakers have had, which once maintained the humble and simple image. From being mere fitness shoes to the highest fashion staple, this journey of the sneakers represent the most significant development in the popular culture over the last few decades. From the impact of advertising to mass production, from influencing the hip-hop to the NBA fans, such a journey is…

Top fashion trends for women

Top fashion trends for women in 2016

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Fashion has a different definition and explanation when it comes to people. For some people, fashion is what the models in the fashion shows wear and design by a professional. They don’t care how the same thing looks on them. They go and buy those items without giving it a second thought, but this is what fashion is for them. Another type of people is that who thinks that fashion…


Breaking Traits : 5 Ways To Drape Your Lehenga Choli

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Revamp those wedding glares with your voguish lehenga choli. Shun all the shackles of stereotypic thoughts that they can be only worn on weddings or ethnic events. Duh!!! With few tweaks and tips, you can sport it in any event. Don’t forget to give your pinch dear! Scroll down and cuddle your curious looks… Every woman, a specially bride wants to showcase her beauty best and unparalleled, and thus she…


Why should women have all the varieties!

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Gone are the days where the world fashion and style could only be associated with women. We live in an era where fashion has evolved so much and it is not restricted to only women .With the rise of new coined terminologies like metro sexual , our generation has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way we perceive fashion for men. And why not as the title suggests why should…

Way You Carry Your Bag

The Way You Carry Your Bag And What Is Says About You

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Women and handbags are a match made in heaven, yet to men it is a mystery as to why they require so many. However, women have many handbags so they have one for each occasion, it really is as simple as that. For special occasions women tend to go for clutches or purses as this allows them to carry the main essentials without requiring a bag that is too big….

Ideal Designer Salwar Kameez

5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Designer Salwar Kameez

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The salwar kameez is no longer attire restricted to certain parts of the country. More and more women, young and old alike are adopting this dress due to the comfort it affords. Readymade, unstitched, and semi-stitched are the options available at CBazaar when you are looking for a designer salwar kameez.  Casual ones are great for daily wear and work wear while elaborate, designer ones are best suited for parties…