Which Type of Hair Extensions You Will Choose? Brazilian or Peruvian

Beginners who want to purchase hair extensions usually stick between Brazilian and Peruvian hair. Maybe they do not know the difference between them. I researched until I make the two types of hair clear, and completely understood which hair is best for me. So come with me to find out the difference.

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian hair is well known for their versatility and flexibility. It is super soft and thick, luxurious and has lots of volume. The most important thing is Brazilian hair could perfectly blend well with hair in any texture, besides, Brazilian virgin hair seems to be mostly loved by African Americans, it is also easy to maintain, the hair looks bouncy on head and could hold curly patterns very well. For your various needs, Brazilian hair can be straightened, colored and curled, once being washed, it could return back to its natural wave state immediately.


New Star Hair is a big hair company that is established in 2011. They opened two hair stores wholesale Brazilian virgin hair in the United States, one is in New York, the other is in Atlanta. There are a lot of virgin hair extensions wholesale in their store, in different textures, which include straight, wave, curly, and various styles like #613, funmi, ombre. To supply the greatest convenience and options for clients, there are also a lot of lace frontals, full lace wigs and closures in their store. In a word, to offer the biggest customer satisfaction, any solution for hair styles could be found on New Star Hair.

Peruvian Hair

It is very similar to Brazilian hair but is generally thicker in texture. Like Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is also in straight, wavy and curly textures. It is more lightweight and looks extremely bouncy on head. The popularity of Peruvian hair is next to Brazilian hair and is used by clients with thin and short hair. Due to its natural fullness, you can achieve a great volume by using a few bundles, so a lot of money can be saved.

Peruvian hair comes in medium brown, n dark brown or any other darker colors. It has a similar characteristics to Brazilian hair, so you can blend them together for an outstanding hair look.

Both Brazilian and Peruvian hair sold on New Star Hair are in great quality. With them, less is more because hair density is higher than those sold on other sites. In my opinion, Brazilian hair is the first choice for beginners, under its natural softness, thickness and shine, it is the most sought after hair type and has gained a high popularity.

Both hair needs to be maintained regularly if you want them to last a long time. Each week, I suggest you wash them three times, do a deep conditioning at least one time. Besides, do not use blow drier, it is better to let the hair air dry. It is advised to buy more than five bundles so you have replacement when there is one being washed.

Muhammad Aamir