What’s your Chanel occasion?

There is no such thing as a bad time to put on a pair of Chanel Sunglasses. The brand provides lots of variation; colour, shape, lenses and materials. Some might say that the brand is ensuring that it is catering to a vast range of people, pleasing every taste.

However, fanatic fans of Chanel may argue that it simply means there’s a pair of Chanel shades for every single social occasion.


They might be right.

Keeping it casual

Typically, keeping it casual could include a whole range of activities. Perhaps you’re flashing the cash on the high street and have planned a bit of a shopping spree. Maybe you’re heading down to the local park with a good book and a picnic. You’re just in one of those relaxed chillin’ out moods. Play it cool in a pair of Chanel CH5288Q sunglasses. The beige arms that are detailed with a crossed-quilted effect add comfort and understated sense of style. The graduated grey lenses are nicely encased in a sturdy black frame

Festival fun

Glastonbury, Creamfields, V Fest and Bestival; just some of the festivals that draw huge crowds every year. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there is no room for style at a festival. It’s not all wet mud, sweaty clothes and floating tent. Add a bit of glamour with a gorgeous pair of Chanel CH4216’s. This pair of statement shades has soft, rounded lenses with a slim nose ridge that sits comfortably on the face. Personalise your look by choosing the colour that suits you and pick from purple, orange and silver mirror lenses.

A low key affair

There’s lots of low key events over the summer months. The Great British weather only provides certain opportunities to do the things that our European counterparts enjoy in abundance. You might be heading to your friend’s house for a spontaneous backyard BBQ. Maybe the beer garden just has to be visited because the sun has come out from behind the clouds. Don’t let your last minute summer plans catch your out. Arrive with a bit of understated class in your Chanel CH5313’s. This model comes in an array of colours; brown, black, navy, royal blue and red. The cat eye lenses boast a full rim frame and are classic in their design.

A cultured outing

When we are invited to places of elegance that are slightly more luxurious than usual we like to look the part. Whether you are dining in a posh restaurant or heading out to a wine tasting session stay classy in a pair Chanel’s CH5307B’s. Their cats eye shaped polarised lenses are a graduated grey adding a degree of chicness. But their crowning glory is the gold and silver diamante detailing on the arms of the frames which certainly adds something special.

The formal affair  

If you’re off to a business meeting or an interview then you should definitely keep it simple and classic when it comes to your choice of eye wear. Chanel’s CH4204Q boast the classic aviator design. The gun metal frame and polarised grey lenses means that you can give off a relaxed vibe and draw any unwanted attention to yourself. Ever the professional.

The beach day

When you’re off on holiday your sunglasses become even more of an essential. Everyone enjoys jetting off somewhere hot and basking in non-stop sunshine for a couple of weeks. The trouble is that with so many other holidaymakers trying to look their best on the beach, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. However, if you opt for the Chanel CH5345 model then you might just raise the style stakes.  With a uniquely shaped oversized lens and a multi blue acetate frame you can embrace the beach with confidence. The graduating blue lenses also offer protection against harmful UV rays- so it ticks all the boxes on your list.

Chanel really do go above and beyond when it comes to designing models and styles that not only cater to different tastes, but also match up to any occasion. There’s loads of Chanel models out there, all varying in lens shape, colour and detail. Make sure you win the eyewear competition at every event and pick up a pair (or more than one) of Chanel Glasses today.

Muhammad Aamir