What Are The Ingredients Used In The Pomade To Add Shine To Hair?

Many scientists and naturalists are of the opinion that the usage of too much chemicals on the skin and the hair is not good. As these pomade creams are full of chemical compounds, it is evident that the regular usage will take its toll on the hair and the skin of the scalp. But there are some companies, which are keeping a close watch on the chemical percentage in the creams. They are trying to use more and more herbal extracts in these creams so that the customers get the desired look and do not damage their hair. Thus, the production of the pomades has increased by many folds in the last few years.

Add Shine To Hair

Ingredients used in manufacturing the cream

Though most of the hair experts are against the extensive usage of synthetic products, they are also of the opinion that if people use the products, which are enriched with the herbal extracts and ingredients, then the product will assist in enhancing the health and look of the hair. The following are some of the herbal ingredients, which are being used for making the hair styling creams:

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has been known as an essential ingredient that makes the hair shiny and healthy. Most of the semi-synthetic hair styling creams has a certain amount of coconut oil in the composition. On the one hand, the coconut oil will assist in keeping the hair moisturized, and it will also protect the strands from getting too damaged due to the effect of the chemicals.

  1. Olive oil

The ancient Greeks have used olive oil for enhancing the beauty of their hair and skin. The essential ingredients present in the olive oil will strengthen the roots of the hair. It will also add the much-needed shine in the hair. After all, the primary purpose of using the hair styling creams is to make the strands look shiny.

  1. Castor oil

Castor oil is also used in the manufacture of the herbal-based pomades. As the oil is heavier and thicker than the other oils, it coats the strands of the hair and minimizes the chances of damage. Castor oil also promotes the emergence of new hair. Thus, you will get two-pronged benefit from the creams that have this oil in it.

  1. Mineral oil

Last but not the least; the shine imparted by the creams comes from the presence of mineral oils and the wax. These are produced chemically. The cosmetic manufacturers are trying their best to minimize the use of these ingredients or substitute them with naturally found ingredients.

One of the companies that have been working towards using more herbal products in the making of the hair styling creams is Suavecito. They have been the forerunners in the business of manufacturing products related to hair. The company has been operating in the market for long, and they have earned the trust of the customers. They have both personal and professional range of the products. The company has also launched a special kind of pomade that will impart a matte look to the hair.

Muhammad Aamir