A new age battle

A time existed where content marketing and SEO was considered to be two separate sectors of marketing, competing against each other for supremacy in the marketing hierarchy. The presence of budding content service portals like contentmart.com has given wings to the content marketing industry. A Google trends graph plotted by pitting link-building against content marketing points out that the former shows much promise during the early stages but loses out in the long run to slowly but surely developing nature of content marketing. This has forced experts to combine the benefits of the two methods to gain a better vantage point over the businesses. Hence content marketing and SEO have become more of the same thing in recent times.

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New trends in SEO

The fascinating results generated by SEO in combining forces with content marketing has been paramount in the success story of marketing achievements.

1)User Generated Content

User generated content has been making giant strides in business popularity. Since the power of content production is given to the user itself, the companies are able to make a better viewpoint about what the users want from them and also gives them a closer association with their audience. With a little editing, the ‘User Generated Content’ (UGC) is as good a marketing technique as any other today.

2)Interactive content

People interpret pictures better than raw textual content. Interactive images,videos,animations,hover-overs and a storyline approach brings users to feel that they are actually being a part of the business. Experts believe that small business make the most out of this new trend. Another new addition is the presentation of content in an episodic fashion. Not only does it garner the interest of people, it also keeps them coming back to your content because of the curiosity to know what comes next under your agenda. A large connected audience can be generated from this simple tactic and more often than not, the content builds more support.

3)Personalized Content

People cherish the idea of getting individual attention and what better than personalized content to do so. The customization is done according to the audience. It can be as simple as the font size and style to the code that links their search keywords to the product. Personalization does matter and sure enough, it has evolved to be the latest trend in content marketing.

4)Other trends

Other trends include the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc to bring about a greater response.Finally the biggest trend of all is the content marketing itself. It is estimated that 2016 will be a great year for content marketing with SEO. Hubspot points out that 71% of the total marketers will be engaging with an increased content marketing resource base.

The Possibilities

The productivity of content marketing combined with SEO is mouth-watering and keeping update with all the latest trends can open an aisle of new possibilities for business success.

Muhammad Aamir