Weddings and Its Connection with Rings

For everyone in the world, there is a special day which creates charm in their lives. People do want to mark this day with a special gift that is unique as well as traditional to bond their fate with their beloved ones. Weddings are always special to everyone and in every tradition; jewels do play a significant role in creating a beautiful atmosphere for the wedding. It does set the stage for the loved ones to begin a beautiful journey of togetherness and sharing love bond throughout the life. Such an event will have to be marked with a strong presence and this is where wedding rings play a significant role. There is a proverb which says no one’s life or wedding is complete without a ring.

Diamond and sapphire engagement ring

What is trending and what is preferred

When it comes to wedding rings there are many options to choose from for both men and women. The choice of jeweler depends on the family tradition, values, custom and their practices which they carry forward along the way for rest of the journey. Almost every marriage is sealed with a ring now. It can be an engagement ring or wedding ring which starts the new bonding between two loved souls. It is the habit of people to choose the ring according to their family values and practices. Many prefer to have special valuable stones in their wedding ring that showcases their character and values. In many cases, one can see Diamond and sapphire engagement ring playing a significant role. These rings have a special value and are used to portray family tradition and value to the two coming generation. Many people do carry their ancestral ring and gift it to their loved ones as a mark of continuity and love.

Sentiments of people while choosing wedding rings

Diamond and sapphire engagement rings

While there are many valuable stones available, sapphire and diamond stand out among the crowd. Sapphire is mostly preferred by the Persians and the history goes back tracing them. It signifies both love and faithfulness and stands as the symbol of trust. This is one of the rarest combinations, but most expected combination a bride expects from her groom. So as a symbol of love, trust, and faith most people do gift their brides with a sapphire ring. While Sapphire has its own history, diamond also is said to be one of the most popular choices among many people. Diamonds are said to be popular in 1940’s and are more popular among the Americans. Diamond symbolizes purity, calmness, and richness which portray American culture. Nowadays, diamond rings are popular among many and are said to be one of the most expensive rings among the other stones.

Top-most choice across globe

While emerald, pearl, and other gems top the list the common, sapphire and diamond hold its place for ever. For centuries, these two gems are said to top the list and have been top most choice among many couples for many years. Black Diamond wedding rings have also become much popular nowadays and some people do specifically ask for this special, mysterious ring. Though black is not considered auspicious among many, some people do prefer to have this high-quality ring as their wedding or engagement ring.

Muhammad Aamir