Wedding Vows – In Sickness And Health

So after a few months you’re getting married to your soul mate, or maybe in a few weeks, maybe the special day is tomorrow. You want to say so much to your life partner but you just can’t put your feelings into words. Well, I’m here to the rescue and I present a list of wedding vows that’ll touch your partner’s heart and make him/her feel special.

Wedding Vows

  1. Dearly beloved,

with all the people witnessing our wedding, in God and his angels’ presence, I vow to take care of you, stick to your side in sickness and health, be honest to you, lift up your mood whenever you feel low, be your partner in crime like I always have been and love you, unconditionally for as long as we shall live. My lovely wishes and greetings are for you.

  1. I promise to enlighten your dark times like the first ray of the sun in the morning, motivate you to fulfill your goals like a rain that brushes away negativity and dust, and rejuvenates life, to fill it with adventures that we shall experience holding hands, and be your forever.
  1. My dear partner,

You took my life by storm and changed it forever. You made me realize that there can’t be a day I shall be able to live without you. You are the reason I gained confidence in myself, I am able to laugh, cry and deal with the hardest challenges as long as you’re by my side. Just give me this chance to grow with you, face the challenges of life with you and fall a little bit more in love with you, every day.

  1. You say I inspire you to work harder in life, well I’d say you inspire me to live life. Today, dearly beloved, I vow to stick to your side, hold your hand no matter what, understand and respect you, and promise you, that nothing forth this day shall come in between us. I wish that we both keep inspiring each other throughout life.
  1. I vow to become your pillar of success, to inspire you, to fight your battles with you and share half the responsibilities in your share. To cheer you up, to spoil you, to not call you fat ever in my life no matter how fast you become, to love you unconditionally even if you become so thin and tiny that I can put you in my pocket and carry you with myself everywhere I go. I love you, you like a funny birthday greeting for me.
  1. From this day forth, we shall be inseparable. We shall be one team. If you cry, I’ll cry. If you’re sick, I’ll be sick. If you’re demotivated, well I shall cheer you up. Just remember that there shall be days we may quarrel, we may fight, but I will never, ever, stop loving you.
  1. Dearly beloved best friend, it is my utmost honor that I got this lucky to marry my best friend. Someone who’s been through my thick and thin, who knows my nasty habits, who has loved me no matter what. On this fortunate day, I want to tell you how lucky I am to have you in my life and my love has, and will always grow stronger every day that we spend together.

I wish many more adventures come our way as we raise our family and lead a happy life.

I was very inspired and moved by a quote from the movie ‘Fault in our Stars’ and shall like to share it with you all.

  1. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. And I am glad that I found my little infinity in you. You gave me my little forever.

Muhammad Aamir