Wedding Traditions – Cultural Celebration Around the World

When speaking about a wedding the first thing comes to mind is the bride and the groom. Another thing everyone notes in a wedding is the tradition they follow. Different people follow different wedding culture. There are different cultures are followed around the world for the wedding. The wedding culture of one part varies from the wedding culture of the other. Here are some of the wedding cultures followed by people around the world

Wardrobe change in China wedding

In China, brides normally pick three dresses for the wedding rather than one.  The first one is a traditional qipao or cheongsam, an embroidered, slim-fitting frock. This frock is usually made in red color. This is because red is considered as a strong and lucky color in Chinese culture. The second one is the bride swap her red dress into a white poufed ball gown. And the third one is, the bride ducks out of the reception to change into a third dress, this one a gown of her own color choice or a cocktail dress.

Wedding Traditions


In Belgian wedding ceremony the bride, while walking up the walkway, stops and presents her mother with a flower from her bouquet. Following the ceremony she performs the same ritual with her mother-in-law. In both instances the bride embraces her mother then new mother.


In African weddings a tradition of jumping over an elaborately decorated broom is followed. It symbolizes sweeping away the old and jumping into a new life for the Bride and Groom. This ritual is performed either at the ceremony or after the marriage ceremony. The broom is colorfully decorated with bows and flowers the colors of the wedding to be used as wall décor in the new home.


Indian weddings are one of the famous wedding cultures. According to India, weddings are considered as a bright occasion that involves a number of rituals and celebrations. Body painting is one of the rituals held and many ceremonies. The important ritual in Indian weddings is tieing knot by the groom to the bride. They called this as “Mangalyam”. The concept of Indian wedding is about uniting two families socially. One of the important things in Indian wedding is the wedding card. Indians choose two types of cards traditional wedding cards and modern wedding cards online.

Eastern wedding

Rings are giving more importance in this ceremony. The wedding ceremony is held at the Church and the wedding couples are being blessed by the Priest. The priest takes the rings in hand and makes the sign of a cross over the Bride and Groom’s head. The rings are then placed three times by the Best Man, placing the Bride’s ring on the Groom’s finger and the Groom’s ring on the Bride’s finger. This signifies the compensation for weakness and strength in each other.


In French wedding ceremonies, Wine is giving more importance. At the reception the couple raises a glass of wine from two different vineyards. They then pour their wine into a third glass. They then drink the combined wine. This symbolizes the uniting of two families.

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