Using Anavar 50mg – Avoiding Side Effects

Anavar is one of the steroids which is popular in the market. It is used by both men and women who look for improving the muscle mass and decrease their fat.

About Anavar 50mg tablets

Generaly Anavar 50mg tablets are used by people who look for bulking. Women who want to become muscular but not gain weight go for smaller ones like 10mg tablets. There are larger tables available for those who look for bulking and improve their performance. While bulking and maintaining the muscle size anavar 50mg is the best supplement to use. It is easy to use as one need to take just one tablet. The half life of the steroid is just nine hours so one must take half pill in the morning and half in the evening. The person must not use more than 100mg in a day, though this steroid is mild it can cause serious side effects when the dose is large. When a person is looking to start using Anavar, they need to start with low dose and build the levels of tolerance, so they can start with small dose pills.

Using Anavar 50mg

Side effects and how to avoid them

Anavar has side effects just like any other steroid. This is one of the mild steroids which is available in the market and it does not have serious side effects. One can avoid the side effects by using the steroid in low doses like less than 100mg per day. When a person starts using Anavar 50mg steroid, it results in less side effects as the system is not using it. Once the body gets used to the steroid the side effects disappear all at once.  The side effects which are seen in both men and women like headache, vomiting, loss of hair and acne, desire for sex increases or decreases. There is also swing in the moods and the user may be depressed or gets angry quickly and may even face few mental problems. Visit to know more.

Effect in men and women

The side effects are different in men and women and are different for the bodies. Men experience side effects when they take dose more than 50mg. Women experience deep voice and there will be growth of facial and body hair. The clitoris may be enlarged and the other side effect is the menstrual cycles are not regular. Women who is pregnant or who is to be pregnant must not use Anavar till the breastfeeding is done. In men there will be pain in his breasts and the sperm count reduces. There are long lasting erections. In few cases Anavar 50 mg causes retention of water from the body and may increase the chances of heart failure. To check the water retention one must check their ankles, feet and hand if they is swelling or not. If the person is not able to breathe properly and perform the athletic activity like before then there are chances that the body is swelling and they need to consult a doctor immediately.

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