Unique Uses for Umbrellas

We all know that the most common use for an umbrella is to keep you dry from the rain.  But what about some of the more uncommon uses people have for umbrellas? Here are a few of the more unique things you can use an umbrella for.

Perfect for The Babies Room

You can use an umbrella to make the perfect mobile for your baby’s room.  Show your creative side as you attached different objects to the umbrella and allow them to spin and hang.  Simply hang the umbrella from the ceiling and you have yourself a homemade baby mobile.

A Wreath for Your Door

Taking an umbrella and making it the structure for a fun door decoration is a great and unique way to give a new use to an umbrella.  Add a various assortment of flowers and a bow to the slightly opened umbrella and then secure it to your front door.  Now you have a one of a kind wreath to bring some design to the front door of your home.

Unique Uses for Umbrellas

A Pot for Plants

If you are looking for something different to use to decorate your garden, why not try an umbrella.  You can flip an open umbrella upside down and secure the points of it to the ground.  They fill the middle of the umbrella with soil and plant your flowers.  This will be a decoration that will surprise all of your house guests.

Make a Skirt

Take the fabric from the umbrella and remove it from the metal ribs.  Be careful and make sure you don’t tear the material.  Now use a sewing machine brings the material together on either side to fit around your waist.  When you are done you have created a trendy skirt unlike anyone else will have.

A Stylish Hand Bag

Broken umbrella can be turned into great handbags in many different styles.  Whether you choose to create a drawstring bag, a tote bag, or even a reusable grocery bag, they all will be fabulous and waterproof as well!

A Drying Rack

If you need a place to hang your clothes out to dry, why not use an umbrella?  Removed fabric from the umbrella iskept and it is used in skeleton of it in tack.  Tip the umbrella upside down with the handle toward the sky.  Now you have a bunch of space you can hang and lay your clothes on to dry!

Make A Kite

The waterproof fabric that is used to make an umbrella is also perfect for making kites as well. With a needle and thread and a bit of string, you can create a kite that is worthy to fly in the sky.

There are so many fun and unique ways to use umbrella.  You don’t even have to worry about using them for when it rains; you can have fun with them being creative instead. It is always necessary that you do not travel without an umbrella otherwise it can be difficult if you face some situation.

Muhammad Aamir