Ultimate guide for men to buy a watch – Settling down with the best

Men don’t wear too much of jewelry as they think that it is entirely a job of a woman to wear jewelry. This is why the watch is often the main accessory and it can also say a lot about the style and personality of the person wearing it. The watch which you choose is actually an extension of your style and hence you should make sure your watch is a true reflection of you. What according to you is a proper watch? Well, it should be that watch, buying which you made such an effort that you will forget to tell the time from your mobile. This is when you feel you’ve taken the big leap from boyhood to manhood.

If you want to know the ultimate guide that you have to follow in order to choose the right watch for yourself, here are few tips that you need to take into account. Check them out.

Ultimate guide for men to buy a watch

  • Chronograph

A chronograph is a watch which has the capability of measuring time intervals and it works in a similar way like a stopwatch. For all those who wish to have a chronograph function, such watches can allow you to set time for running sessions or even set time for friends. And in case you’re wearing it only as a fashion statement, you will get that added kick to complete a sophisticated and masculine look.

  • Quartz movement

In case you want a watch which is mess-free, you can even get one with quartz movement. You can find men’s watches on www.pictowatches.com/mens-watches. You don’t have to wind it like a mechanical watch as it draws power from a battery which might have to be replaced time to time. They are usually the most accurate and affordable time keepers which are easily available to consumers off late.

  • Tachymeter

For all the speed-junkies, this is a must-have. Such watches are inspired by racing and they’re usually accompanied by a tachymetric bezel which is a scale that allows you to compute the speed of any object that is moving. Such functions can work well with Formula One drivers and if you’re a racing-lover, go and get a watch which has a tachymeter.

  • Luminosity

In case you’re someone who is always alarmed to see your watch glowing in the dark and you wished it never loses its luminosity, get yourself a watch which utilizes micro-gas light which is a material that emits light on its own. The gas tubes are fitted in the minute and hour hands and they make sure you can read the time even when it’s extremely dark. This is a must-have for an individual who loves glowing watches.

So, what kind of watch do you want to have? Choose according to your wish and make sure you choose wisely as buying a watch is indeed an expense for lifetime. Nevertheless, if you’re just buying it to use it as a fashion statement, you may settle down with cheaper ones.

Muhammad Aamir