Tried and tested steps to keep your baby warm in a crib – Ensure sound sleep

It is vital to keep your baby comfortable and warm while she sleeps but apart from letting your baby get good sleep, there are also certain factors which can be considered for keeping her safe while she sleeps peacefully in a crib. We all have heard of the disease called SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome and this is directly related to the body temperature, the sleep surface and the position in which the baby sleeps.

In a baby’s life, cots and cribs play a vital role and unless they find peace in their little space, they won’t feel comfortable. Let’s take a look at the few ways to adopt.

Ensure sound sleep

#1: Set the temperature of the nursery to ensure warmth

The nursery of your baby should be the safest place for him to take rest and he should be able to feel comfortable while inside it. Being a parent, you can easily adjust the temperature of the nursery by setting it between 68 and 72 degree F. This is undoubtedly the most comfortable and safe position.

 #2: Place the crib in the best location

How much heat the baby experiences in the nursery is dependent on the position of the crib. What are the several factors which set an impact on the temperature of the room? Make sure your crib is much away from the air vents, drafty windows, heaters and fans. Your baby should also be kept at a safe distance from drafty windows as the cords of the curtain can take a toll on his mind and the cord can even strangulate them causing an accident.

#3: An accredited crib should be chosen

You should always buy a certified crib as this will never pose any kind of hazards of your baby. Watch out for CPC or Children’s Product Certificate while selecting a crib and make sure you buy cribs which have a certificate with them. The crib should have a firm sleeping surface and this will keep the crib stable to provide a support to the back of your baby while he is sleeping.

#4: Heat the crib beforehand with a heating pad

You may even wish to preheat the crib in case your house is too cold. The best step to take is to keep your nursery warm so that your baby can sleep comfortably with light pajamas. You can place an electric blanket on top of the baby’s crib so that it becomes warm before he goes off to sleep.

#5: Swaddle your baby

Swaddling lets your baby maintain the proper body heat and sleep properly on his back. You may either buy a swaddling blanket with closures that are pretty easy to use or you can learn how to swaddle your baby on your own. Make sure you swaddle the baby properly so that he doesn’t feel uncomfortable while sleeping.

Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can keep the crib warm for your baby, take into account the above mentioned factors.

Muhammad Aamir