Top fashion trends for women in 2016

Fashion has a different definition and explanation when it comes to people. For some people, fashion is what the models in the fashion shows wear and design by a professional. They don’t care how the same thing looks on them. They go and buy those items without giving it a second thought, but this is what fashion is for them. Another type of people is that who thinks that fashion is what that suits them perfectly. They don’t care what the whole world is doing; clothes and thing which are comfortable to them are considered as fashion. They don’t have that much concern towards what models do and wear.

Top fashion trends for women

Now when we talk about gender, it has been observed in a survey that women are more interested in fashion than men which is pretty much clear by a simple check on women category on websites offering online shopping in Pakistan. The reason of this may be because most women are interested in shopping, looks at everything and then after some time, they start designing their own clothes. Fashion changes according to the year. Summer clothes are different than winter and autumns are from spring. Mostly designers go and design the simple and elegant clothes with the soft and bright colors for summer. Apparently, they look nothing different, but light colors absorb less heat than dark shades. This is the reason why people go for lighter colors.

If we talk about the latest fashion of 2016, it won’t be wrong to say that everything is in fashion right now. There was a time when people started wearing short shirts and open pajamas, but then soon it was replaced by long shirts, now replaced by women tops, and skin fit jeans etc. However, if we talk about this era, there are people who are wearing whatever they like. The best way to interpret this is when you go out in a mall, there are different girls. Try to focus on what they are wearing. You will find many colors and designs. This means that you can’t point out a thing and say this is outdated. This is out of fashion. As far as you are watching them in public, those are not out of fashion.

People like to wear open shirts and less cloth on their dopata. This is because it’s already so much heat. Many women are wearing the shirts with thread embroidery and with matching pajamas. This means that you can take out anything and label it as a fashion.

Muhammad Aamir