The Way You Carry Your Bag And What Is Says About You

Women and handbags are a match made in heaven, yet to men it is a mystery as to why they require so many. However, women have many handbags so they have one for each occasion, it really is as simple as that. For special occasions women tend to go for clutches or purses as this allows them to carry the main essentials without requiring a bag that is too big.

For day to day chores such as shopping, a shoulder bag often suffices as it keeps their hands free so that they can focus on what they are doing. When it comes to work, women choose to carry large totes, handbags or even briefcases which enables them to carry important documents as well as many other things.

How a woman holds or carries a bag is dependent on the size but there are many different ways in which a bag can be held and how you hold yours says a lot about your personality.

Way You Carry Your Bag

Clutches and Purses

Women who position their clutches in front of them whilst holding it with two hands gives the impression that they are both shy and defensive, however, it can also show that they are feeling awkward with the situation that they are in.

It is common for many ladies to carry their purses in the same way as they would if they were holding a baguette. This shows that she is busy and ready for anything, however, she has no intentions of revealing what is in her bag and wants to protect its contents.

Those who hold their clutch bags in a lazy manner are considered to be aggressive and forthright but it also suggests that she is keen to have fun whilst acting flirtatiously.

Some women like to keep their arms free and this is where the armpit comes in handy because some clutches do not have straps. This can show awkwardness but also that she has no worries about what others think, so long as she feels good in herself.

Large Handbags

If a woman carries her bag in the crook of her arm then this shows that she feels superior especially when she accompanies this with a loose wrist. This method of carrying a bag is effective when she wants to show off her expensive designer bag.

Those women who carry their bag by the handles are often considered to be business-like but also serious about themselves whilst portraying an image of being busy.

If a lady carries her bag on one shoulder whilst holding the straps then this shows that she has a practical side to her. They also choose this way to hold a bag as a form of protecting it as well as its contents.

Some women choose to sling their bag over one shoulder and this suggests that they have a lack of awareness as well as any self-control. However, this style is not advised as it can lead to the bag being stolen.

If a bag is draped over the body and onto the opposite shoulder then this signifies that they are casual women who are independent.

So, remember not only does your bag say a lot about you, the way in which you hold it also gives an insight into your personality!

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Muhammad Aamir