The Travel Guide to Perfect Dressing on the Road

We all constantly travel across the globe, to various states and places in the country. Travelling jobs, destination weddings, bachelor trips and rejuvenating solitary treks have gained more spotlight than even this decade which has shifted the focus of design to fashionable travel clothes that are comfortable, light to carry and suits the occasion. is an online fashion store that promises you the best online shopping in India with the greatest discount and wonderful offers. Fast deliveries and easy returns are some of the key features abof brings to you. Choose and shop men’s fashion wear, accessories, shoes and bags for both men and women at reasonable prices at abof. Keep up with the trends with abof that brings to you latest fashion for women and men.

Perfect Dressing

Last minute paper work, packing and goodbyes eat upon the time we set apart for shopping. Here are some things you can buy online that will help your trip become a more fashionable one:

  1. Pair of leggings or tights: A sweater top with tights is the most comfortable wear for long journeys especially if it involves carrying luggage or walking around the place. This look especially works when you have to change the type of transportation you will be using and includes various local modes as well. Buy deeper colours to avoid stains to show easily.
  1. Shoes or Sneakers: As much as the flats and heels lure you away, always stick to shoes for travel. Buy a nice pair of floral prints or quirky colours to step up the look. You can wear casual shoes with funky socks or neon laces.
  1. Dungarees: Dungarees are replacing jumpsuits and are definitely more travel friendly. But an easy-to-wear colour. You can buy a ripped one which ends slightly higher than your ankles and pair it with a crop top for a trip with your girlfriends.
  1. Scarf: Get yourself a scarf that can be tied on your head, worn as a shawl and can be used as scarf. This comes handy when you are travelling to various cultures with different sense of clothing. A scarf can change a look entirely. Do not keep the scarf loose and hanging on your neck, this will be troublesome when your hands are not free to manage your clothes.

  1. Sling or Cross-body bag: If a sling cannot accommodate the number of essentials you carry around, you can go for a bigger cross-body bag. Instead of the forever-slipping-of-your-shoulder bags, these are safe and secure and help you carry money, passport, phone and keys with immediate access.

Always research on the climate and weather of the place you will be travelling to and do not forget to read the weather forecast. Carry clothes accordingly and wear place appropriate clothing. A smart traveller will carry clothes that can be mixed and matched multiple times to create new looks instead of carrying a large number of clothes. Be comfortable at all times and carry backup clothes with you to have a safe and fun trip.

Muhammad Aamir