The Top 5 Trends In Sunglasses For The Summer Of 2017

“You’ve got some nice shades on”, a lot of us like hearing this compliment. But do we do anything to make sure we get one? Sunglasses, or shades as we call them, have evolved from a basic form of protection from sun rays, to a brilliant style statement. Thus, keeping intact with the trends in this regard is not really a bad idea.

2017 has brought forward plenty of interesting and stylish trends into the market. Some of the new innovations have made their mark, while others that spelled mediocrity have been ignored by the public. The top 5 trends gaining recognition within the consumers as the summers of 2017 dawn upon us are:

Top 5 Trends In Sunglasses

Rounded sunglasses

The rounded sunglasses are making their mark in the market for the feasibility and style that they provide. Consumers, who have embraced the retro dressing, have done so with the rounded sunglasses as well, because both the styles complement each other perfectly. The glasses work well with metal and wire frames, to fit the structure of your face.

Modern Aviators

Aviators have been the fan favorites for a long time. The new innovation in the aviators has meant that there are now smaller sized lenses, which make the transition into the summers even classier. The smaller sized lenses make the Aviators a perfect fit with the rounded glass figures and metal frame. You can also opt for brow bars, if you want to make a style statement that stands out amongst the rest.

Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

The tinted glass was the style to go to in the past, but during the last few years the trend had lost its overall value. Gucci and Prada have helped initiate the trend and brought the styling of the 80’s back into the forefront of the modern day designs. The grey, blue and smoky shades give an innovative retro look.

Square frame

If you thought you had tried out all the frames, you need to try out the square frames which have gained recognition from the S/S 2017 shows. The square frames continue on the march upwards, as many designers have shown their trust in the frame by opting for the various geometric shapes.

Mirrored lenses

The mirrored lenses work perfectly on all types of aviators and square frames. The mirrored lenses are perfect for all over the year, as they are as usable and stylish in winters, as they are in summers. The metal frames complement the lenses to create a flawless look. A list of the various lenses and sunglasses can be had from

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Muhammad Aamir