The Summer Style Guide for Trendy Jeans For Men

You may think jeans are just jeans. From cowboys to rock celebrities, jeans are that one fashion item that has transcended time. This season you’re going to see a lot of trendy men’s denim, but also some traditional too. Did we forget to tell you that sometimes they’re ripped and destroyed?

We’re throwing the “book of rules” of denim out the window. At DIFFERIO New York men’s clothing online store, you can find a collection of trendy mens clothing and the latest in mens fashion jeans. In today’s fashion world, designers and streetwear brands are getting more experimental with denim than ever – dressing jeans up, or ripping them apart in all new ways. Denim brands still offer hardwearing raw denim for the men on the move, and washed ones for the partygoers.


Be ready to see trendy overalls and onesies on the catwalk, from ripped denim overalls, denim sleeveless jumpsuit, and denim shorts overalls. Be ready to try the latest independent designers creations, or discover new Brands that are breaking the clutter in men’s denim, Catch jeans, Staff Jeans & Co, Plus Eighteen, Red Bridge, Saw Clothing, and the very famous Pascucci jeans, designed in Italy and manufactured in Turkey, Pascucci have been making their way up the competitive ladder of fashion including the best skinny jeans for men. Discover also award winning Kingz Jeans for their famous stoned washed Jeans Screwballer awarded the world’s best jeans.

These Jeans Brands aren’t in any New York stores, yet, so jump on to Differio for your fix if you aren’t heading off to see Time Square anytime soon.

Discover the largest variety of trendy men’s jeans, designed in every staple cut, including men’s skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, bootcut and mens tapered jeans. Give your off-duty looks a stylish upgrade with the latest in these stylish mens jeans, including mens distressed jeans, destroyed jeans, and mens colored jeans all found at, competitively priced, so definitely worth a look.

Muhammad Aamir