The Role Of Anabol 10 Mg Tablets In Building Muscle Mass

Anabol is a popular steroid and are available in the form of injections as well as oral tablets. The steroid is particularly popular with bodybuilders and others who wish to build bulky and strong muscles. The effect of Anabol 10 mg on the body remains for about 8 hours and the generally cycle is for six weeks. It has androgenic as well as anabolic properties. The other advantage of Anabol is that it works in dual ways, one to lose fat and second to build large muscles. Anabol brings about protein synthesis and helps in nitrogen retention which is the necessary action for building muscle mass.

Building Muscle Mass

A little history of Anabol 10 mg

It is the multiple properties of Anabol that makes it such a popular steroid. It is both anabolic and androgenic and it is also an alternative for testosterone.

The credit for its creation goes to Bob Zeigler who was a doctor who worked with the weight lifting team of the US. This was specifically developed for the athletes so that they not only became healthier and fitter but also stronger. This was crucial for the team because they were going to face the much stronger European team later. It worked and soon Anabal’s popularity rose. It was available in every pharma store and most of the athletes of the time started using it to enhance their performance and strength. Check out the price per tablet from Indian suppliers.

The working of Anabol 10 mg

When it comes to safety, it can be safely said that Anabol is indeed much safer than any other steroids. It is also very effective and much more effective than any steroids available for the purpose. This is what has added to the credibility of Anabol. The best cycle for Anabol is for 6 weeks. It enhances protein synthesis and nitrogen retention and helps in building muscles. Another benefit of Anabol is that works better than testosterone and helps in better building of muscles. While most steroids may help to increase muscle mass, Anabol also improves performance and endurance levels. It does not just give bulk muscles but stronger muscles. Though these are the multiple benefits of Anabol, when it comes to serious side effects, it is less harmful than the steroid, Anadrol.

When Anabol is taken orally, the dosage has to be 50 mg but for injections, it needs to be 150 mg. Pills of 25 to 50 mg dosage can be taken daily. While it is ok for men to take Anabol, women should take it only under the guidance of a doctor. Pregnant and lactating women should not take it at all. Another tip is to stick to the dosage as has been instructed. Going over it can be labelled as high dosage and that is pretty harmful. It is what is referred to as steroid abuse and can cause problems such as gynecomastia or occurrence of man boobs or hypertension. Acne can also break out. Thus stick to the dosage and cycle recommended and consume healthy meals.

Muhammad Aamir