The Most Interesting Video Games To Check Out In 2017

Every New Year, the internet promises to give us a host of new video games which are interesting enough but now that we’ve crossed almost half of February, 2017, you must be wondering what 2017 has in store for us. Is this going to be a vintage year for the gamers of 2017? From numerous innovative projects to some returning new legends, there is a large amount of fascinating stuff which is coming on your way. If you’ve overlooked a few highlights of 2017, here is a list for you.

Interesting Video Games

  • Cuphead

The platforms needed to play this game are Xbox One or PC and it is going to release in mid-2017. This is an out-and-out action game and the game is heavily inspired by classic cartoons of the 1930s where they’ve even adopted few similar animation tricks. The lead characters of this game are Cuphead and Mugman which strike a deal with the devil of the game and they have to perform their bid via a number of levels either with their friends or solo.

  • Injustice 2

This game will yet again be played on either PCs or Xbox One and the release date is 16th of May. In this game, Injustice 2, the heroes and villains from DC Comics universe takes on one-on-one battles. The characters which have returned are Superman, Batman and The Flash and they join hands with few of the newbies like Blue Beetle, Supergirl and Gorilla Grodd. You can even create your own supervillain or superhero.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

The PlayStation 4 is the platform for this video game and it is dated to release on the 28th of February. If you’re an avid gamer, get ready to experience a wave of open-world adventure which starts with the recent epic from the masterminds who created Killzone. Horizon is a game which stars Aloy, a hunter who roams around mountains and forests and keeps encountering various robotic features. In this game, the players unwind how the machines get there and the reason behind the world being in ruins.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda

The platforms on which you can play this game are PC, PS4 and Xbox One and it is dated to release on 21st march. This is taking place 600 years after the actual game and the next chapter of the franchise follows a new crew as they start exploring new planets in the Andromeda galaxy. This is also the first time that the Mass Effect series will embrace an open-world structure, thereby allowing the players to explore the galaxy in any way they choose.

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Muhammad Aamir