The Making of the Exotic and Mesmerising Tahitian Pearl

The universality of a ring ornamented with a pearl or set of pearls is something which is present in a few other gemstones. In fact wearing such a ring in any occasion will make you the centre of attention. The one type of pearl which scores over all the rest is the stunningly beautiful Tahitian pearl.

It is unique seawater pearl and this is what makes it the most expensive cultured pearl available today. Seductively breathtaking, wickedly mysterious with a delicate fragility, the Tahitian pearl is darkly black with an exotic sparkle.

Exotic and Mesmerising Tahitian Pearl

Origin of the Tahitian Pearl

 The Tahitian pearl originates from around the islands belonging to French Polynesia, specifically around Tahiti and is hence named after it. It is cultured inside the black lip oyster or Pinctada margaritifera and harvested to be sold all around the world. Even though it is a bit expensive, the demand for the same has only risen in the recent past.

What is a Tahitian Pearl like?

 The Tahitian pearl comes in a versatile blend of colours ranging from white to black; each pearl has an undertone of some other colour like green, blue, silver, yellow or even pink. But the dark ones are most valuable as they are rare and unique. These pearls come in shapes ranging from round to baroque, can be grown to large sizes and are flexible enough to be fitted into any jewellers setting especially rings. In fact wearing a black Tahitian pearl ring is considered to be very prestigious and fashionable.

Exotic and Mesmerising Tahitian Pearl images

Process of making a Tahitian Pearl

 The process of making this exclusively unique pearl involves certain steps which need to be performed with great precision one after the other. These steps are:

  1. Small pieces of the shell of the donor mollusc along with some epithelial cells are sanded to form a round-shaped bead. This has to be done very carefully for the shape of the bead determines the shape of the pearl formed.
  1. Meanwhile black lip oysters are grown for a period of two years for them to become mature enough to enable pearl production.
  1. One of these small beads with its epithelial cells is then inserted into the reproductive organ of a mature mollusc by an expert grafter. This critical process has to be completed quickly since oysters cannot survive for long without water.
  1. After the insertion of the bead, the oyster starts secreting layers of nacre, which, with time form a pearl large enough to be harvested.

The black colour of the Tahitian pearls comes naturally unlike other back pearls and is hence considered to be of great value and highly in demand.

Muhammad Aamir