The Different Ways Fleece Can Be Fashionable and Functional

We often see supermodels wearing trendy fleece jackets and hoodies on fashion runways. But, fleece fabric is not only stylish, it’s also functional.

Fleece is soft and warm, and surprisingly durable. It’s ideal for use during winter so you can stay warm without sacrificing your sense of style. But its use is not just seasonal – you can utilize this fabric to make a lot of other things.

Fashionable and Functional


The fabric is naturally warm so it’s great for winter mittens and gloves. The soft feel of fleece is great on the hands and will ensure comfort as well. You can personalize your fleece mittens too by picking the color and fabric you want.


During winter, your ears are often exposed to the bitter cold. When you step outside, your ears will start to hurt. You can wear a fleece hat to neutralize the cold winter air so it won’t sting as much.


Why sacrifice your fashion style when you can still look glam in the dead of the winter by wearing a beautiful hoodie made from fleece? You can pick the fabric and you can even make it yourself, if you have the tools, equipment and the patience to learn.


The classic Patagonia fleece jacket, which came out in the 90s remains a staple in today’s winter fashion scene and rightfully so. This classy and functional jacket will not only make you look great but will also make sure you stay warm.


As mentioned earlier, fleece is not only a fabric to make clothes and clothing accessories. You can also use it for more functional purposes such as blankets. A fleece blanket enables you to snuggle up comfortably on a cold night. But it’s not just a staple during winter, you can also bring your fleece blanket when you go on a picnic and lay it on the grass so you’ll have something comfy to sit on.

Bed for Pets

It’s not just people who love fleece. Animals, especially dogs and cats, also like this fabric. You can pick the color and shape as well as the design of the fleece bed for your pet. Fleece is quite durable so you can expect it to last a very long time.

Laptop Sleeve

Another use of fleece fabric is as protection for your electronics, especially your laptop and smartphone. You can make a laptop sleeve made from fleece to keep it safe. It will help protect your laptop from scratches. If your phone doesn’t have a protective case, you can make one using fleece fabric too.

Fleece has been around for many years and it continues to be very useful for a lot of different things. If you love this fabric and you’re fond of DIY projects, you can try new and unique ideas that will enable you to use this very versatile fabric.

Muhammad Aamir