The Best Choice of Sandals for Warm Days this Fall

If you live in a place where summer continues half of the fall then you definitely need to have comfortable and breathable shoewear to feel free when walking. According to the doctors and fashion experts exactly sandals can become such a choice. 10 years ago sandals were not comfortable because all fashion was about was to make people look beautiful but at the same time to make them suffer from heels and weird designs. Today the fashion industry is all about the comfort in the first place. This is why this article is about several most popular types of sandals for summer and early fall.

Sandals for Warm Days this Fall


According to the latest reviews the one and only Birkenstock shoes are the winners of this parade. They are frequently called the ugly beauty because they literally do not look nice, however offer perfect comfort. When Birkenstoks or Birki appeared in the market the line was pretty limited, but today these sandals line has expanded to match nay outfit you plan. Fashion designers say that Birkis are perfect for everyday use or for people who dress in boho chic style.


Young and old say that shoes by Taos are one more discovery of the modern world. The company specializes in comfort shoes for people having foot issues or those who simply hate having their feet hurt every day. The team of doctors which has been working over the design created orthopedic inner and outer soles to make every step seem like you are waling over the fresh grass. These sandals also have much built-in sole support to offer you even more comfort. With shoes by Toas you not only feel comfortable regardless of your shoes condition but also look perfect owing to great design.


Crocs are the most comfortable for little babies and people spending lots of time in the countryside. These shoes have been created with the idea of feet disinfection to avoid spreading of any infections or fungus. This is why even professional doctors advise wearing them both in the nature and public place. Crocks are not so stylish thought have special charm in their so-called ugliness.


Bass sandals are the classics; these are sandals whose design was born in the 1970s. Many people remember these sandals from their childhood and today the company rebuilds its popularity again. The great thing about the Naturalizer shoes is the fact that they are made of real natural materials that do not hurt or do any harm to the feet. Furthermore, special insoles absorb bad smells to help you always stay confident.

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