Steroids- The Shortcut to Success

Staying fit shouldn’t be a goal but a normal lifestyle for all. Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to the physical appearance which is why every person tries to explore alternative methods to obtain that toned and rugged look. Steroids have been in the forefront in this matter for centuries but knowing the appropriate method of application is the key to achieving the desired outcome. For this purpose it is necessary to seek professional assistance as improper application of such compounds can lead to severe impacts on the body.


Safe application into the body

According to Steroidly proper application of performance enhancing compounds in the system of the individual should be ensured to avoid the risk of any negative impacts on the body. Firstly, it should be determined what type and form of the supplement to be used. When using anabolic injectable compounds it should be ensured that the needle which is in use should be of the required type and shape. Getting a needle with wide base can hurt the user, whereas a thin needle will make it harder to push the compound into the body. So, a 23g to 25g is the appropriate size for injection of a supplement into the body.

On the other, when using steroids in tablet or capsule or syrup form, the same should be taken orally by mouth. Different products require consumption in a different manner, some requiring consumption with Luke warm water while some with normal water. Almost all products available in the market provide the detailed instructions on their product label. But in order to ensure the safe consumption of such supplements, potential users can either take the help of professional health-care practitioners or collect information from reputed sites like

Knowing the detection time

For professional steroid users the detection time might not be of much importance but for normal users and amateurs, it is beyond importance. A failed test can lead to serious impacts on the body and cause permanent disability to perform certain tasks. Those who are subject to anabolic compound testing should undergo a measurement of the testosterone to epitestosterone levels. In such cases, if the former level exceeds the later beyond a certain point, the test will show up to be a failed one. While for professional users the permissible ratio is 6:1, normal users should ensure a ratio of 4:1.

The standard method for making such a measurement is through urinalysis and nothing more. Other tests that are administered includes the hair-follicle test which is generally not preferred by sporting organizations as there are chances of faking such test in a number of ways. When a professional is aware of the steroid detection time, he can ensure to pass the test each time when it is conducted. While some steroids have a specific detection time others may carry a range in which case the longest detection time should be considered for safe usage. The detailed information regarding such detection time is provided in various online sites like

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