Shop Out of Season to Save Big

Designer fashions, name brand accessories, the latest trends: they all add up to big money unless you use your common sense! Here are three tips that will save you money without sacrificing your inner diva: Buy Off Season Shop the clearance racks, but do it in advance!

Check out the latest fashions when they hit the racks, but wait a couple of months until you buy. Hit the mall and try on your favorites, but instead of buying write down the style, brand, color, and price. Check back in a month or two, and once you see your outfit lowered to an acceptable price, snatch it up!

Shop Online Got to your favorite retailer and buy online at a steep discount. Shoes, jewelry, clothing, and accessories are almost always cheaper online, and many stores offer extra incentives if you join their mailing list. Look for Online Coupons That’s right; most of the major retailers such as Tillys are members of an online coupon site such as Groupon.

By combining offers you may be surprised how affordable that designer dress has become! Check for Resellers That’s right; you might find the same dress for next to nothing if you’re willing to purchase it slightly worn. Look for online consignment shops that specialize in high-end brands, and you just might find out today is your lucky shopping day!

Muhammad Aamir