Secrets of an American Teenager: Tie-dye and Things

 Looking back into the 70’s we think about the different flowers, the tie-dye, the bell bottoms, the disco ball, the disco music, and everything else in between. We see it personified on television and sometimes we see the fashion statements presented then turned into renovated fashion trends. The look has not lost its groovy sense with today’s teens. Bell bottoms are still worn just as well as the simple scarf around the head or the ribbon embroidery tide about the head. With this style never ending and ever emerging into something better why not embrace it.

We like to add the tie-dye pattern with the bohemian style and sometimes we link it to certain cultures with their colors or certain musicians but it is without doubt a tie-dye shirt within the monster of our closets is excepted. This look is great for casual wear and most recently with shirts you can create a number of different styles and looks. With tie-dye t-shirts you can also create a fun and productive activity for yourself and children. This activity is experienced for some at summer camp or during any school activity as it can   easily done. It’s also relatable to bleaching or stripping your jeans. It’s a fun yet creative way to make the best of a plain white t-shirt or any solid color. But tie-dye doesn’t just stop at t-shirts it also enters the realm of delicate dresses and fancy hats but make no mistake that this style is still booming during any season.

Secrets of an American Teenager

The whole point of tie-dye is to combine several colors together to make a collision of beautiful colors. Just as silk is flawless when it is hand painted with scenic beauty with a collision of beautiful colors as well. With silk scarves you can also have tie-dye implemented but with the fabric they colors will have more buoyancy and illumination. Hand painted silk scarves can be found numerous places like and you don’t have to just stick with the tie-dye styles. Particularly on embellish jeans and tie-dye make good for the summer season because of their coolness.

Embellish yourself in material that not only has spunk and life but colors and patterns that can last a life time. Teen looks whether sophisticated or sexy or casual have implemented the used of tie-dye on several occasions. It can be found in shirts, scarves, jeans, hair bands, bags, shoes etc. and still makes an impact on the embellish jeans fashion world till this day even if it started off as a hit with the peace sign or daffodils. Celebs like Rhianna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie and even little Willow Smith rock this style. Not to say you have to too, but it’s a trend that cannot be ignored and is full of life and color that we are so drawn too. We see it even on sunglasses and rings. The simplest of things in the fashion world we know can make the biggest difference especially if it is an accessory. Enjoy fashion and style at its best and embrace tie-dye and its things.

Muhammad Aamir