Prada’s Latest Collection of Shoes – A Tale of Two Pairs

Hardly has any garment enjoyed an impressive rise, that the sneakers have had, which once maintained the humble and simple image. From being mere fitness shoes to the highest fashion staple, this journey of the sneakers represent the most significant development in the popular culture over the last few decades. From the impact of advertising to mass production, from influencing the hip-hop to the NBA fans, such a journey is mind blowing and most probably an exemplary one. The history dates back to 1934 when the Converse Rubber Shoe Company drafted the famous basket ball player Chuck Taylor with their new pair of shoes. He ushered for the first time in the era of celebrity endorsement shoe. As people started rushing to the gym, the opportunistic industrialists started producing the sneakers on a larger scale and that resulted in bringing down the price. As a result of it, the entire trend of wearing sneakers were democratized, which generally had been the domain of the wealthy lot once.

Prada's Latest Collection of Shoes

As time went by, more and more of designer work came into fashion, and the perennial provocateur Miuccia Prada started waving his magic stick. This brought a new trend which again focused on the capitalistic class, since the high-end designer men’s Prada sneakers started creating distance from the common people. It was strictly for the class and not for the mass, for he believed that once the mass reaches the class, the entire societal structure crumbles down. Although the designing originated with the yachting shoe, the streamlined Prada series prioritized aesthetics over athletics.

But then came the rivalry between the sexes. Men and women might be different in several aspects, but the moment, the subject of shoe comes in, a chasm seems to open between the two sexes. The entire credit behind the shoes becoming an all consuming obsession lies in the court of women. The shoes can cost fortune and especially for women, money alone doesn’t bring much happiness, just what a pair of new shoes does. Unlike the clothes, the shoes have a huge advantage- irrespective of the body contour, complexion, shape and size, one can freely buy a shoe that the heart would desire. Recently has this craze for the sneakers entered into the fashion world and with some of the costliest labels like Prada and Gucci adorning, makes them more demanding.

high-end designer men's Prada sneakers

It is indeed tough to be addicted to shoes in the fashion world, even when the closet is filled up to the brim. Especially for women, they can’t resist buying another new pair, because that would simply go best with any set of dress. While the high heels and ankle boots rule the fashion industry till date, the sneakers have made their entry and there are tons of styles and fits out there for the women to choose from. Shorts might fall short while describing all the various types of Prada women sneakers that are available in the market, but still the experts have tried to classify them under certain sections.

  • With designers like Prada jumping to board the sneaker train, there are a pretty good number of sneakers that are receiving a glamorous makeover with studs, chains and fashionable materials like the snake-skin and suede. Like their compatriot the Wedge Sneaker, these are a great choice for going out since they are way more dressier.
  • The Sneaker wedges are definitely in spotlight in the current season. The women just love them because they’re more of heels in the form of sneakers. Accessorized with chic tops and skinny jeans, they make the girls ready to dance all night, without tiring their legs much.
  • The platform sneakers have been raising the bar in the fashion industry to a new level recently. With a couple of inch high, they’ve been the latest fashion statement for many. Apart from providing a higher boost, they also provide a huge grunge appeal. Paired with a cute skater dress or black tights, they make it smooth for the transition from day to night.
  • Printed sneakers are just the best option available for the fashioner to sneak in a little of pattern play. Prada has got a wide range of sneakers in the pattern line and they compliments well with all kinds of floral and graphic prints in fashion. The leopard prints and the polka dots have never found the craze that the market sees now enhancing the fun section.

The intimate relationship of women and shoes begin right from the moment they learn to walk. More than anything else, it is the shoes, that speak the language of their sex. No one needs to be either a moralist or an anthropologist to interpret the message that a woman wearing rubber soled loafers wants to convey as opposed to the one wearing the noisy stilettos. Over the ages, the shoes have been featuring the women narrative prominently.

Be it the Cinderella who wears the glass slippers, or the metropolitan predators from the ‘Sex and the City’, women have always shared two greatest weakness- the men, and the shoes. Although women have been accused of not having their feet on the ground, they’ve proved that they do have their feet on ground, provided they’ve got some better shoes.

Muhammad Aamir