Piece Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own – Few Tips For An Upgrade

Perhaps the best perks of being a woman is buying and owning jewelry and hence it is a part of our accessory-loving duty to inform you on the sparkling essentials that you should definitely own in your jewelry box. Jewelry was usually worn to pull an entire look and an outfit to complete the look. Women who are stylish enough feel naked when they’re not wearing earrings and even when they forget, they rush back home in order to wear one before leaving. With regards to building your jewelry wardroom, women usually focus on a mix and match of pieces which go well together. As jewelry reflects your personal style, here are few essential pieces that a woman should definitely own.

Piece Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

#1: A men-inspired watch

Apart from helping you remain punctual which is indeed a virtue, it is also a perfect way of grounding your girly jewelry. Invest your dollars in buying a watch which could be easily shared with your grandpa or your boyfriend which has a slight bigger face and either a leather or metallic strap. Therefore, you can wear it on your own and also share it when you’re not wearing it.

#2: Metallic hoops

There are times when wearing a simple yet elegant big hoop can pique the right amount of interest to your entire look, especially when you pull your hair off your face and tie it in the form of a pony-tail. A thin hoop which is a bit larger than a silver dollar also allows you to manage both a feminine and a festive look.

#3: Silver and gold studs

If you still don’t own gold and silver studs, you’re lagging behind in the sense of fashion and you should check out jewelry websites like www.xjewellery.com as they have a fashionable list of essential things for women. By wearing gold and silver studs, you may not be making any big fashion statement but they are also pretty essential to complete your look. You can get a domed ball, a pyramid stud or a heart-shaped stud and they can be teamed up with your matching bracelets and necklace.

#4: Turquoise necklace

If you own a simple turquoise look, it can not only make your white tee look cool and stylish but also transforms a printed dress into something which is exotic in an ethnic sense due to its cool color. Hence, you should have at least 1 chunky turquoise necklace so that you can wear it with anything to add that worldly charm and to look beautiful.

#5: A strand of white pearls

This is a never-out-of-style piece of jewelry which can top off the ladylike look and make you look classic and exquisite. You can wear it along with a simple black dress or a white one too. A single strand of pearls is always a sweet and wise choice with regards to fashion. It should neither be too short or too long.

So, if you’re confused about sprucing up your look, take into account the above mentioned fashion tips which can help you complete your jewelry box.

Muhammad Aamir