Looking For That Gentleman’s Venue Experience While In London?

Gentleman’s clubs, or as they are now sometimes referred to, as gentleman’s venues have been around for many decades, and as long as there are men around, gentle or otherwise, they will continue to exist.

So if your curiosity has got the better of you (just this once), where would you find such an establishment, and would you be able to visit it?

The simple answer is yes, you would and you would find one of these strip clubs in London on Whitechapel-road in Aldgate.  The present venue called The Nags Head was established in 1983 but, records show that it has existed in some form or other since 1807.

So on your visit, what would you expect the experience to be like?

Gentleman’s Venue Experience While In London

The difference between a Gentleman’s club or venue or a strip club

You could say that these are all the same thing, but there are slight differences between them.  A club was usually exclusive and impossible to get into if you were not a member, and membership was not easy to come by unless you were recommended by an existing member.  There was also a certain level of secrecy surrounding the activities of the club.

A gentlemen’s venue, on the other hand, is open to anyone and membership is not required.  A strip club may offer the same entertainment as a gentleman’s venue, but generally, the patrons and the dancers are classier.


As you would expect from such an establishment, you would undoubtedly be able to order your personal preference from a good range of beers, Vodka, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, Blended Whiskeys, Shots, Soft drinks, Red and white wines, Sparkling wine and Champagne.


If you are curious about pole dancing and have never seen it performed live then you are sure to be catered for at this venue with performances from midday into the early hours of the morning.  If that is not all you came to see then, you probably would be pleased to hear that you can order a lap dance in more private surroundings, the choice is entirely up to you.

Table dances are also available if you like something in between as well as exotic stage shows, which just might include some stripping.

Special offers and Stag parties

Special offers are available often and range from a free dance, to free beers to free mixers.  Stag parties can be arranged with special packages on offer too.  Birthdays, office parties and VIP guests are also catered for at Nags Head, making it one of the most popular strip clubs in London.


Nags Head is conveniently located near Liverpool street station and the Liverpool street underground, and other mainline and tube stations, so getting there is not much of a problem

Final Words

So apparently this gentleman’s venue offers all that a gentleman would or could seek for entertainment, but not at a seedy level.  If he just wants to watch live sport on television then he is entirely free to do so too.  Everyone to his own, they say.

Muhammad Aamir