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Administering to Your Fur Clothes

Administering to Your Fur Clothes

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Fur attire is made of the fur of animals. Fur is thought to be one of the most established types of dress. A few people may think fur-made materials are extravagant and fragile while others reject them because of animal welfare and moral concerns. In the popular film, 101 Dalmatians, the insane lady who is partial to fur clothes gets what she merits. However, fur-made materials increase in incredible fame…

Indoor hanging hammock chair

Swing Chairs With Cozy Style

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While recalling our childhood days most of people used to say their wonderful time with hammock chairs. Everybody would have spent some time by having fun in swing chairs in the leisure time. It would be great for all to relax by hanging in the hammock chairs that gives comfort sleep for long hours. These types of chairs were popular from olden days, in many houses hanging chairs were used…

big and tall men’s clothing

How to Look Fashionable When You’re a Large 40-Something Guy

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I don’t claim to look like David Beckham and I can never dress with as much finesse as the next James Bond. But dressing well is one of my strong points, considering that I’m a large guy in my mid 40s.  So if you fit the same profile (ie large and over 40), here’s a guide that can help you pick the right big and tall men’s clothing. Suit The…

Fashionable and Functional

The Different Ways Fleece Can Be Fashionable and Functional

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We often see supermodels wearing trendy fleece jackets and hoodies on fashion runways. But, fleece fabric is not only stylish, it’s also functional. Fleece is soft and warm, and surprisingly durable. It’s ideal for use during winter so you can stay warm without sacrificing your sense of style. But its use is not just seasonal – you can utilize this fabric to make a lot of other things. Mittens The…

Valentine gifts for her online

10 Gift Ideas to woo her on Valentine’s

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Valentine’s Day is the best season to express your love to your sweetheart. If she is the most treasured one in your life, you should be ready with the most beautiful gift. Nearby local market or online shopping, both would be of huge help to you to get the Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Here is a list of 10 gifts that would woo your girl. A personalized chopping board…

anarakali suits online

Now buy your favourite anarakali suits online!

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Gone are the days when one has to go to brick and mortar stores to buy your favourite dress but know with the arrival of e- commerce platforms one can easily try hands on various  products that are doing the round in the souk. Women are fond of dresses as compared to counterparts a and here in this piece of information we bring you how you can easily buy traditional…

Perfect Dressing

The Travel Guide to Perfect Dressing on the Road

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We all constantly travel across the globe, to various states and places in the country. Travelling jobs, destination weddings, bachelor trips and rejuvenating solitary treks have gained more spotlight than even this decade which has shifted the focus of design to fashionable travel clothes that are comfortable, light to carry and suits the occasion. is an online fashion store that promises you the best online shopping in India with…


Why should women have all the varieties!

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Gone are the days where the world fashion and style could only be associated with women. We live in an era where fashion has evolved so much and it is not restricted to only women .With the rise of new coined terminologies like metro sexual , our generation has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way we perceive fashion for men. And why not as the title suggests why should…

Eco-Friendly Products into Your Home

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Products into Your Home

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More people than ever are choosing to opt for environmentally friendly products for their home. From natural flooring to recycled furniture, there are many natural designs and products you can incorporate into your home. Many modern interior designs are now bringing in natural products that are less damaging to the environment. Eco-friendly designs still provide plenty of style and will help to keep your home looking natural whilst offering many…

Ideal Designer Salwar Kameez

5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Designer Salwar Kameez

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The salwar kameez is no longer attire restricted to certain parts of the country. More and more women, young and old alike are adopting this dress due to the comfort it affords. Readymade, unstitched, and semi-stitched are the options available at CBazaar when you are looking for a designer salwar kameez.  Casual ones are great for daily wear and work wear while elaborate, designer ones are best suited for parties…