Know more about the flowers of UAE

Flowers are the most beautiful companion of our lives and are always there when we are about to gift our near and dear ones. We can get flower delivery in Abu Dhabi by placing an order with any online gift portal. We all know that Tribulus is the national flower of UAE and today we would cover this write up by talking little bit about this flower.

UAE is a desert country but still it is blessed with some beautiful flowers and the world’s largest flower garden is located here. Tribulus, the national flower of UAE is a bright yellow colored flower carrying five petals and has thirteen species. From a long time this flower has been used to make many homeopathic medicines.

flowers of UAE

Well, Tribulus was never announced as the national flower or the official flower but the local people here consider it so and there are certain reasons behind it.

  • This flower named Tribulus is available in only one color which is yellow and yellow is a color of friendship.
  • Due to its availability in only one color it stands for unity and equality.
  • It is available in large quantities all across the UAE and therefore it also stands for the sense of brotherhood.

Apart from this UAE also has the world famous Miracle Garden which is the ground for 45 million flowers. People from all over the world come to visit this wonder land. You would be flabbergasted to see various designs made out of flowers.

Desert Hyacinth, Red Thumb, Oleander, Rose of Sharon, Spider Lily along with rose, carnations, lily, and tulips would be available in your nearest flower store to decorate your lives with beauty and innocence. These flower stores have bouquets and flower arrangements for all your occasions. So, to impress your loved darling for the upcoming event you know where to head – right?

Muhammad Aamir