Hunt for Your Beach Bridesmaid Dresses Made Easier

If you are thinking of planning a beach wedding, it is the most classic destination one can think of especially during summer. Whether you are simply heading towards the nearest shoreline or flying to any exotic locale, the trickiest part would be to select dresses for the bridesmaids with sand beneath their feet and the blue waters by their side.

Beach weddings are definitely not so traditional and you can go for the easy breezy style but that does not mean your gorgeous girl gang should shy away from decking up. We absolutely love everything glamorous on the lovely girls, right from long flowing gowns and soft hues to floral prints on short, flirty dresses that make the ambience all the more romantic and exciting.

There are plenty of places where you can find beautiful, comfortable and cheap bridesmaid dresses. So, to make your hunt for beach bridesmaid dresses easier, we have put together some of the key points that you need to keep in mind.

Beach Bridesmaid Dresses Made Easier

Flaunt Fun & Flowing Fabrics

Beach wedding depends a lot on the weather and the climate so all the elements have to be arranged with the environment in mind. For a bridesmaid dress in a beach setting, the most important point would be the fabric. For God’s sake, don’t dress up the bridesmaids in silk and satin dresses and gowns. Silk and satin will make them sweat a lot and the netted gowns too will attract sand like a magnet. Think of soothing, light and comfortable fabrics for warm temperatures like cotton, rayon, chiffon etc. Chiffon dresses are undeniably the best choice for beach weddings, available in brilliant hues and silhouettes and offering a light, flowing, easy-breezy spirit. Also, long sleeved dresses are also a bad choice when it comes to a wedding on the shores. Go for halters, strapless or short sleeves that keep your girlfriends cool yet make them look chic.

Short & Sweet Style

Beach weddings have become so popular of late because of the absence of any pressure to look absolutely traditional, both for the bride and groom as well as for the bridesmaids and the groom’s men. You can completely ditch heavy and long flowing gowns with a trail that will drag in the sand making the hemline dirty even before the reception starts. Go for tea-length or ankle-length dresses whose hem stops right at the top of the shoes. This is the perfect length which will allow your girls’ squad to move around and run errands more easily and at the same time, they can enjoy the wedding freely without devoting all the attention on their attire. Shorter dresses are also a wise investment as they can be worn again even when the wedding is over.

Splash of Colours

For the colour theme of the entire beach wedding, you can stick to softer hues that complement the sand, sea and the surf. Choose from pale shades of dusty blues to rich turquoise. You can also go with corals and soft neutral shades that go perfectly with the mood and ambience. But if you want to contrast the look of your bridesmaids against the neutral backdrop of the sand and the sea, go with eye-catching and bold hues of pink, blue or neon colours that reflect the energetic and sparking excitement of the occasion.

So, are you beach-ready for your wedding? Stop dreaming about the exquisite wedding and start working on it. Sit with your girlfriends and decide what they want and what you like to make the wedding a grand success.

Author Bio: Natalie Harrison is a fashion blogger and here, she writes about how to select appropriate beautiful, comfortable and cheap bridesmaid dresses for your beach wedding.

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