How to Start a Beauty Business from Home

Starting a business that can run successfully from your own home is something most people can only dream of, for there are few businesses that can operate efficiently inside of a home, especially once they begin to grow.

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However, one of the benefits of being in the beauty industry is the ability to run a beauty business directly from your home. It is an area of business that is fully functional with only one person running the business, which is why running it from home is an ideal way to start

Though beauty businesses can excel from the beginning, unfortunately, you cannot just buy a few products and open your salon for business. There are still rules of business you must adhere to, thus here are a few things to keep in mind:

Schedule Management

One is of business many people struggle with is the ability to manage their time and their schedules. In a beauty business, your schedule typically will not follow a traditional business schedule. Many of your clients may need early morning appointments, evening appointments, and weekend appointments, especially if your services include wedding hair and make-up. Keeping all your appointments together in one place is very important!

While your schedule is more freeform than others, keeping track of all appointments can be hard to handle, especially, in the beginning, stages. One of the best tools of the trade is using a schedule management tool, like the ones offered through It can not only save you time, it can also save you money.


Speaking of money, budgeting and keeping track of business expenses is key in business, especially with a new business. If there is any construction or remodeling that needs to be done in your home in order to accommodate your business, such as a salon sink, salon hair dryers, this is especially important. Seek out deals, but do not skimp on important purchases.

Being that you are self-employed, it will be to your benefit to keep all business receipts and business expenditures. For tax purposes, you will be able to write off a portion of your rent, write off business expenses, and get a few other tax breaks. Make sure you keep track of everything if you want to get the best tax break possible.


Often when starting a business from home, many do not think about business insurance, but it is always a wise idea to have the right insurance for your business. Should something happen to a client, to your home, or to you, having insurance can save you a great deal of time, pain, and money. Have insurance coverage before you even think about opening your doors to the public; doing so will ensure you don’t run into any serious financial hassles that could’ve been avoided in the first place.

Business Name

When deciding what name to use for your business, make sure to check and see if the name has already been trademarked or patented to ensure the name is not already in use. If it is not, register it quickly! If someone else were to use the same name and register it for you, they would legally be able to keep it, and you would have to change yours. The name of your business is incredibly important to success, so make sure you choose wisely. Consider even running a focus group to see how potential customers would react to different business name ideas you might have.


Once you have everything in order, start promoting yourself. The best way to gain clientele is to market yourself through word of mouth, social media, and even wedding or beauty expos. Devote a portion of each work day to marketing in order to secure new clients. Whether that’s spending an hour writing a blog post, going around town to put up fliers, or anything else, make sure you devote time to marketing.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you open a successful at-home beauty business. These sorts of businesses typically can be extremely successful when run from home, if done right. Don’t cut any corners, and make sure you’re set up for success!

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