How to Make a Wedding Slideshow

Creating a slideshow is a great way for you to share your wedding photos with your friends and family members. You can create the slideshow to share with people who are not able to attend your wedding. The slideshow will also help to keep the memories of that important day in your life alive.

The easiest way for you to create a slideshow is to use a slideshow creator like Movavi Slideshow Creator. Before creating the slideshow, you must first put all the photos or videos you want to use in the slideshow in a folder. If there is any soundtrack you want to use in the background, you should also save them on your computer so that you can import it into the slideshow later.

Wedding Slideshow

Movavi Slideshow Creator allows you to import the picture and video files in batch for creating a slideshow. You can import the entire folder of media files into the working area in just one click. The slideshow you have created can be exported in various formats such as MP4 and MPG.

The software supports a lot of mobile presets so you can save your slideshow in a format that can be played on the Android, iOS and Blackberry mobile devices. Movavi Slideshow Creator is equipped with basic editing tools such as crop, rotate, and zoom. It also has tools to enhance the quality of the image and video. You can select the microphone feature if you want to record your voice. Each slide can be arranged by dragging it into the preferred sequence.

The slideshow creator allows you to add captions to provide a brief explanation on each slide. There is the option to add background music onto your slide. You can either add one of the tracks included for free in the library of the software or use your own soundtrack.  It supports a variety of sound track formats including AAC, WMA, MP3, FLAC and etc. You can set how long you want the slide to  be displayed by double clicking on it and editing the value in the Duration field. It is also possible to adjust the duration of each slide based on how long the soundtrack will last. This will tweak the speed of the slide transitioning to next slide.

There are more than 20 styles of captions and over 60 filters and special effects for you to choose from. You can also add transition effect in between the different sections of the slideshow. Movavi Slideshow Creator offers over 90 types of transitions styles including simple, and artistic. You will be able to play the slideshow you have compiled and preview it in the pane on the right side.

Movavi Slideshow Creator has an easy to use interface that allows you to create the slideshow you want in just a few minutes. After you have created the slideshow, it is up to you to burn it onto a DVD. There is a feature that allows you to conveniently upload your slideshow to the major social media networking sites such as YouTube, and Facebook.

Muhammad Aamir