How to Look Fashionable When You’re a Large 40-Something Guy

I don’t claim to look like David Beckham and I can never dress with as much finesse as the next James Bond. But dressing well is one of my strong points, considering that I’m a large guy in my mid 40s.  So if you fit the same profile (ie large and over 40), here’s a guide that can help you pick the right big and tall men’s clothing.

big and tall men’s clothing

  1. Suit

The suit should be the foundation of your entire wardrobe. Faded jeans and t-shirts can be your weekend wear but shouldn’t be your go–to outfit.  Sure, Justin Bieber may be able to get away with it on a daily basis, but this is hardly the case for the likes of us.

You need a well-cut suit that will hide your belly and man-boobs. A suit can also add at least a few inches to your height and make you feel more confident about yourself. It always makes a good impression and gives off an air of success.

And because of its importance, you need to be careful when buying a suit. Actually, you need two suits. Be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars on a good suit and buy single-breasted jackets. The trousers should be flat fronted and the colors should not be flashy. Try not to showcase your eccentricity in your suit.

  1. Shirts

Shirts shouldbe simple, crisp, white and ironed. Go with stiff high collars, which is suitable for big men because it gives them a place to hide their double chin. Shirt cuffs should be longer than the suit sleeves and stay away from shirts that are too fitted as it may pull and hug too much in certain areas.

  1. Ties

Don’t wear funny ties. You want to be taken seriously so avoid comedy ties. Go for more neutral or conservative colors like blue, black or gray. Patterns are okay as long as they’re subtle. In addition, if your tie is worn and old, get rid of it.

  1. Coat

Large men (or any man for that matter) should invest in a high quality camel overcoat. It will last forever if you take good care of it.  A large man, in particular, looks really good in an overcoat, not only for its classy style but also for its slimming effect.

  1. Casual Wear

If you have to dress down, then I recommend wearing blue, white, black or gray casual shirts. Avoid round necks and instead opt for V-necks. Wear flat fronted jeans and boots to give the illusion of slender, long legs. Try to stay classic and not follow to closely the fashion trends of the younger generation. Some clothes may look great on 20-something guys but may look comical on 40-something men like us.

Even if you’re out of shape, it doesn’t mean you can’t look good in what you wear. Think of the Mad Men characters who always looked very striking and regal. It was mainly due to their ability to dress well for their age, body shape, and of course, their unrelenting confidence in themselves. You can certainly learn a thing or two from those guys!

Muhammad Aamir