Heart in Diamond – Remember Your Treasured Loved One Forever!

An epitaph; a eulogy; a picture frame; a video don’t quite capture the essence of your pet. But we do. We keep you unified with your pet even after the pet leaves you forever. We are Heart in Diamonds.

You crave to keep your pet with you after he leaves you. He is never far from your mind. Why not eternalize him? At heart-in-diamonds.com, we use your pet’s essence, such as fur or ashes from the crematorium to create for you a beautiful keepsake. A diamond.

How do we create this diamond? When you come to us, we ask you for either a small amount of your pet fur or if cremated, then ashes.

We start with helping you select a memorial diamond. You can browse through our catalogue, which lists various colors, cuts, and weight of diamond. After this, we help you to select a proper setting from over 500 options. Your pet’s furs or ashes are then processed by our laboratory to create a diamond of your choice. You will soon receive your personal diamond.

Our clients have expressed complete satisfaction with the diamond. It keeps them in touch with those who they didn’t want to lose.

Heart in Diamond

Let us tell you how we create our home-grown diamonds at our own production facilities.

  1. We start with a private consultation, at your home or online via Skype or Face time. Our consultants are available for all queries. You first choose a color from our five options.
    1. Blue
    2. White
    3. Orange -Yellow
    4. Yellow-Green
    5. Deep Red

        These are available in three cuts

  • Brilliant
  • Princess
  • Radiant

You can then choose various weight options. Our carat ranges are available from a Mini 0.015 carat to 2 carats.

  1. Next step is to decide on a setting. We have over 500 exquisite styles for you to choose from. You can select a ring; or a pendant; or earrings.
  1. We now use the ashes (about 2/3 cups) or fur (about ½ cup) for processing in the laboratory. In case, you have given less than required amount, you need not worry. We will add generic carbon to create your diamond!
  1. Now, it’s your turn to sit back while we create the memorial diamond in our own production facilities. Our consultants will be in touch with you to keep you updated on the status of the product. We guarantee the fastest production time in the industry of 70-120 days.
  1. We assign a special tracking number to your order before taking it to the lab.
  2. A carbon analysis is performed to extract the carbon from your sample.
  3. The mixture is then put through a machine which simulates earth conditions to grow diamonds.
  4. The final step involves cutting and polishing of your real home-grown diamond.
  1. We now deliver the memorial diamond to you wherever you wish to get it. Your diamond is fully insured before it reaches you.

We offer you a price-match guarantee. We are ready to better the price of any competitor who is willing to deliver a cheaper product.

If you are ready to order, get in touch with us right away.

Muhammad Aamir