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Which Type of Hair Extensions You Will Choose? Brazilian or Peruvian

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Beginners who want to purchase hair extensions usually stick between Brazilian and Peruvian hair. Maybe they do not know the difference between them. I researched until I make the two types of hair clear, and completely understood which hair is best for me. So come with me to find out the difference. Brazilian Virgin Hair Brazilian hair is well known for their versatility and flexibility. It is super soft and…

Alcohol and Hair Growth

Alcohol and Hair Growth: Are they connected?

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For some men, growing a full beard is an easy task and they are often plagued with a 5 o’clock shadow by the time the day is done. For others, facial hair grows slow, sparse and sometimes even patchy, making the idea of growing a beard little more than a distant dream. But whether you grow facial hair fast or slow, the process of growing out your facial hair in…