Getting Your Pool House Design Right

Getting a pool house added to your property is one of the most thrilling ways of making life more enjoyable as well as boosting the value of your house.

Designing the pool house is a hugely important task that you will want to get absolutely right. So, what factors do you need to take into account in order to get a design that is right for your lifestyle now and in the future as well?

The Size

The very first issue to consider is the size of the pool house that you want. To get this right you will want to take into account the size of the main house and the overall property area available.

Pool House Design

Then there is the issue of how many people are likely to use it regularly, as you will need a bigger space if you typically invite over a lot of people to use your pool. If you have a big, luxury pool from a premium designer like then you will probably want as many friends and relatives as possible to enjoy it with you.

Finally, there is the question of how many pool accessories you want to keep in there. This is an important point, as you won’t want to end up with stuff piled up outside the pool house due to a lack of space.

The Style

Generally speaking, you should look for your new pool house to have a style that matches the main house. If you have a modern property with an eco-friendly feel then you won’t want to design a pool house that is overly retro or that clashes with the main house in some other way.

This structure gives you an ideal opportunity to try out some nice extra touches such as additional lighting and an outdoor seating area. However, it should essentially echo the style and look of the main building on the property in order to blend in well.

Facilities and Storage

It is easy to get this issue wrong, as many people tend to under-estimate the space and facilities that they will need in their new pool house. To start with, you will want showering and bathroom facilities and maybe somewhere to prepare some food, or at least a snack.

It can be a good idea to include a chill out or dining area here, but more important is the amount of storage facilities that you add. Using a pool requires you to have a fair number of accessories to hand, such as snorkels, inflatable rafts, loungers, and so on.

The Furniture

The over-riding factor when designing a pool house tends to be one of comfort. This is a place where you will want to relax after a hard day at work and feel as though you are somewhere far from the stress and anxiety of modern life.

Because of this, comfortable chairs and sofas are often the order of the day when designing a pool house to enjoy day after day. Of course, if you are thinking of using this place as the setting for more formal events, such as dinner parties, then you will want to take this into account.

By taking some time to think about your needs you can design the perfect pool house that gives you years of pleasure as a wonderful refuge from the world.

Muhammad Aamir