Follow the Arrow: The Finest Points of Projek Raw’s Spring 2016 Collection

It’s here. Not by mistake or error but by design. Passion, creativity, and romance are all emotions and key ingredients that go into creating a masterful culinary creation. They are also key ingredients to creating a collection that serves as another form of nourishment: the Spring collection.

A Newly-Defined Design

 By design we don’t just mean a pattern or a template, we are talking about a creation: one that captures the demeanor of a young professional but also the same free spirit who lives by the heartbeat of the city. Projek Raw’s new Spring collection promises to live by its mission and personality, to not only be more fashionable than last season, but also simple, casual, and fun—from comfortable and casual cargos to capris and Bermudas.

Let’s take a closer look…

Newly-Defined Design

 Hear Us Raw-rrrrr

 They say that March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb. For Men’s Fashion in Spring 2016, they roared, and Projek Raw listened. Projek Raw keeps an ear to the ground when it comes to customers’ ideas and feedback on their favorite styles, clothing, and accessories. With a little creativity, passion, and an eye on European inspired fashions on the horizon, they have once again designed a collection with today’s man in mind. Every season there’s something to show off with personality and swagger.

Projek Raw is about being versatile, adaptable, and flexible. This is shown through their designs, fabrics, and accessories from head to toe. Literally.It’s all about following the arrow.

The Sleekness of Simplicity

Although the idea is “casual” and simple, the designs are far from it. Projek Raw defines “casual” with various versatile designs that reach beyond the average man, that spell uniqueness and shriek comfort.Not only do cargos, capris, and bermudas come in a variety of designs and colors, but they are also “flexible”, and we don’t just mean the fabric. With cargos and capris you can dress up for city night life, dress down, and even get dressed in the dark—and still look good.

Sleekness of Simplicity

Can you go wrong with a pair of jeans? Unlikely. This year’s spring collection promises excellence in denim—from denim shirts, jackets, to of course, jeans. Comfort and quality is in.Whether you’re kicking it at a game or taking your girl out for a night, a simple change in accessories and elements, such as a jacket and the right boots, you can easily dress up or dress down your look in one easy move. Projek Raw’s spring line is all about versatility.

Bermuda shorts are still in. From denim to plaid to swimming trunks, you are bound to find a style within our casual collection resonates your own inner “roar”.

Radical Renegade

 This season is a time for solitude. A time for reflection. And a time to be a renegade, all through the expression of a “simple”, comfortable, flexible, and versatile design that roars louder than words but that also demonstrates a composure that is calm, cool, and collective.

Muhammad Aamir