Fashion Dissertation Ideas – Iconography, Clothing, Place and Leisure

For several centuries fashion industry has been identified as changing trends in culture, and is particularly relevant to the high profile world of celebrity and music culture. What icons are? Why do icons needed in today’s society? These are the types of questions that raised when you start studying fashion and fashion celebrities. Dynamic as well as specifically relevant to younger people and their culture. This topic offers a relatively closer look at the iconic or celebrity culture and how it can be used to portray the fashion industry.

Fashion Dissertation Ideas

Contemporary fashion styles have both limited and diversified looks. For instance, fur went out to the extent of being illegal, on the other hand tartans remained ever as fashionable as they always were to be. Regional trends are very much interesting for fashion dissertation and study because they can be efficiently be compared across the nation i.e. urban or rural wear. Fashion industry has been intrinsically connected to the leisure for several centuries. Particularly through the mediums like sports and theatre. Within such relationship exists a powerful and complex history of changing cultural beliefs and tastes? For instance why do we wear specific types of items for clothing in specific places and specific activities? What if we didn’t wear such types of clothes? What is the need to confirm a fashion before applying it? These are few questions that can be explored in fashion dissertation services UK and research on following subjects.

  • Understanding fashion icons and exploring a window in another world
  • Visualization Monroe:  A kind of retrospective encounter with the most fashionable women of the world.
  • De Givenchy, Haute Couture and Hepburn. Fashioning the Elites – What the life long relationship between Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy brought to the fashion industry.
  • The Café culture and the James Dean
  • Craze for Madonna – The low and high fashions of 80’s pop culture
  • If their looks could kill – Minogue and image of Pop Princess
  • Fashioning Idols – Teenage clothing and boy band culture
  • Eminently Eminem – Fashion trends of rapping music culture
  • Glam, glitter and expanding waistlines – What Elvis gave to Fashion Industry
  • The 60’s look and Beatle Mania
  • Punk, Westwood and the Sex Pistols
  • What really celebrity culture has given to high street fashion trends?
  • ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – How the Austen yet captures the thoughts of today’s designers.
  • Sports garments – How the sportswear has infiltrated contemporary fashion market.
  • Branding and Labelling and what its power for representation
  • The power of marketing in the contemporary fashion world


Muhammad Aamir