Everything You Need To Know About The Exotic Ikat Trend

Fashion trends are like phoenix and similarly it keeps coming back from obscurity after every few decades. Over the years we have seen a surge in the modern clothing trends with little to no embroidery or extensive ornamentations on the dresses but this year eye catching and highly ornamented works make their way back in the women clothing lines. Ikat trend is most sought at the moment which originates from the Megnikat which essentially means ‘to tie’ the loose threads. Ikat is an age old dyeing technique which was found to be dying out before it found it fame back in the mainstream clothing lines. In Ikat design textiles tends to be woven in two directions of horizontal and vertical.

Exotic Ikat Trend

Here are few fashion tips to make most of the Ikat dresses.

Ikat fashion is up and happening which can be easily integrated into your daily wardrobe and can be used as casual and office wear with grace and elegance.


During the summer or sunny day you can make use of the Ikat dresses as it offers light and sweat soaking fabric which can help in keeping the exhaustion at bay. The vast range of design and colors in the LuLaRoe fashion can make you spoilt for choice when you have choose casual, office or evening wear.


It is the age of Palazzo and there is no reason to not make use of ikat print in the Palazzos. Ikat fashion brings an extensive range of vibrant, bright as well as mute and aesthetic shades in Palazzos. In simple words you will some great fashion wear with extreme level of comforts and unmatched fashion statement. You can match ikat palazzos with similar contrasting top and you are all set to go.


Ikat fashion is not just limited to dressing and clothing it offers an exciting range of accessory in the form of printed bags. Ikat bags will possess the same finish of fine prints and extraordinary fabric which remains light on the shoulders. You can use ikat pattern handbag for causal usage or for official purpose without any harm. Most of the youngsters tend to pair it with the causal top, denim and sneakers to get stylish look.


Ikat print scarves also brings the similar range of innumerable colors, patterns and designs which can go with any kind of clothing with ease. If you break the monotony of existing clothing then try wrapping an ikat print scarf over it and it will lend a new dashing and refreshing look.


Ikat print has even made its way into the jewelry segment in the form of ikat print boxes which can help in keeping your precious stones without causing any undue damage to it. Ikat print box are available in a number of shapes and sizes and possess an exciting slew of colors and design pattern. It has dedicated sections to place various ornaments and other valuables in an organized fashion.

Muhammad Aamir