DIY Fashion Accessories Anyone can Make

Fashion accessories are a great way to add flair to a plain outfit. You can mix and match clothes, but you can add dimension to what you’re wearing if you know how to accessorize.

Some people may think that you can only get great accessories when you purchase them in malls or fashion boutiques, but when you’re short on budget, you can also make your own without having to spend a lot. You can actually use everyday items and recycle objects that you already have like old fabrics, ribbons, hair ties, old clothes and so much more.

There are so many online resources that can teach you how to create your own stylish accessories. You do not have to be great at making crafts as most of these DIY projects will only require you to cut, glue, and maybe sew a few basic stitches. Below are some of the easiest DIY accessories that anyone can make.

DIY Fashion Accessories

Quick DIY Hair Accessories

  1. Trendy Hanging Chain Headband

When you’re into the boho chic vibe, you can try this DIY project to add a little bohemian or hipster flavour to your outfit. This headband looks similar to the hippie bands we see in music festivals, but with thin chains hung around to create a waterfall effect. It would be best to use thin silver, gold, bronze, and rose gold chains that will create a metallic hair effect. All you need is an old circular headband, 30-35 cm chains, pliers, and some jump rings.

  1. Easy-peasy Hair Donuts

Every girl must know how to create the perfect bun. When you’re new to it, it may be challenging to create the perfect shape, so you can make use of DIY hair donuts to help you create the best bun. There are hair donuts available in stores, but why buy when you can make your own using old socks. You just have to cut the closed end, roll it up so that it looks like a thick hair tie. Insert your hair in the hole, roll up until the donut is covered by hair resembling a bun.

Artsy DIY Statement Jewelry

  1. Ornate Friendship Bracelets

Making DIY friendship bracelets is a great activity to share with your friends. You can design your bracelet using ribbons, chains, jewels, pearls, multi-colored threads and the like. You can embellish regular chains by interweaving multi-colored threads and ribbons, or by gluing links of fancy gems or pearls. Get creative and design your bracelet to match your or your friend’s personality.

  1. Elegant Silk Bauble Necklaces

This statement necklace can be made in different sizes and colors, and can be layered depending on your outfit. You can make this silk bauble necklace using wooden balls or spheres found in the wood section of craft and hobby stores, and silk fabric preferably Dupioni. You can cut out the silk fabric lengthwise, take a section and wrap it around the ball, then create a knot after each ball, creating segments. Do this until you come up with a necklace. For added effect, use wooden spheres of varying size and choose multi-colored fabrics.

Muhammad Aamir