Discover The Extravagance Dior

Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Grenville, a town on the French coast, but at the age of five, the family moved to Paris Dior. Christian, lived a very difficult period with the premature death of his mother and his brother so he had to leave the Soviet Union with serious economic problems and where a childhood friend offered him a place to live and led into a Career to start with sketches of hats and dresses that the actresses of the time and we bought were delighted.

She became independent in 1946 when she opened her own salon and fashion with 90 original designs. Christian Dior who had the wonderful idea of women’s needs in the world of Parisian women’s fashion and lifestyle. So decided to shoot in this area and bring back beauty in women’s clothing on the 30 with softly rounded, and full of flows skirts said this collection of the Corolla, also known as the ring collection of petals. After the collection of Dior has managed to maintain this style offering women to cover their needs and spanning a wide range of accessories like Dior sunglasses with a variety of patterns and colors and distinctive elegance and d Exclusivity that only Dior has to offer.

Extravagance Dior

Christian Dior is a pioneer, not only in terms of fashion, but he was the first couturier to lay off the products in 1949, which made Haute Couture accessible. The Dior sunglasses were the first glasses of solel brand and they continue to be innovative today. Inspired by the fashion shows of the moment and by the illustrious legacy of Dior, they are suprenantes and charming each season. With the appointment of Belgian designer Raf Simmons in 2011, the legendary couture house enters a new era. Simmons gave freshness to the themes of the signature of Dior, thanks to its trademark: the restraint and an eye for the color.

 Giant of luxury, Dior is the expression of elegance and refinement. Equipped with know-how and a powerful style Dior plays creativity and sophistication. The Dior eyeglass collections are inspired by an alliance passed to future suggestions. Architectural lines, sophisticated and glamorous are the driving elements of the collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Dior makes the difference by putting in oval details in its spectacle frames. Dior eyeglasses True to the values of the house, the Dior collection of glasses is synonymous with elegance, refinement, authenticity and French charm. A bit extravagant, the collection holds from the former paw of the creator John Galliano, although his successor Simons Raf brings a new breath. With sophisticated lines and couture finishes, lunette de vue Dior reflect the creative heritage of the brand. Providing style that is both retro and resolutely glamorous, they will delight both women and men. Women’s models are more fanciful and colorful than men’s models. More sober than the solar frames, the optical frames are scratched from the Dior signature on the branches and bring out the haute couture spirit.

Muhammad Aamir