Different Ways to Finance the Engagement Ring In Toronto

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The enthusiasm while picking your favorite ring for proposing the love of your life can make you go astray from the budget that you set. While paying in cash for the rings can be tough at times, there are several ways for funding. Before you actually start shopping for the ring, you should work out on the finances. Check different online jewelry sites and click on the contact us today to know about the cost and mode of payment.

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In-store Financing:

Many people are not quite sure about proposing well in advance and wish to buy the best from the engagement rings. In such last moment planning, it becomes tough to manage the finances. Hence, you should go for the layaway option. You simply have to choose the ring and go for an interest-free option to pay for the ring. All you need to do is make a down payment and pay for the rest in installments. An amount will be decided by the store which will be distributed over the period of time. This way, you can buy the ring for your loved one without worrying about the finances.

In-house Credit:

Most of the engagement ring stores understand how crucial the decision of getting married or engaged is. Hence, they offer the system of in-house credit. You can make a payment towards the engagement ring and it would be interest-free for a period of time. As per the rules of the credit card of the state, you will have to pay the remainder amount to the store. The best way to make the most of this situation is to return the balance amount within the interest-free period. However, make sure you understand the jewelery store terms and conditions before choosing this mode of payment.

Bank Credit:

Well, the most popular medium to buy the engagement ring in Toronto is through the credit card. While you pay for the ring in full and take it home, it is actually the bank that pays. You simply need to return the amount to the bank. Just like the in-house credit, the bank will offer you an interest-free period. You can simply divert your finances in paying off the amount that you used for buying the ring. However, in order to avail the facility of the credit card, you need to have a strong bank balance and a good credit score. Also, you need to arrange the finances on time to return the amount and maintain the score.


You can approach the bank or any financial institution and apply for a personal loan to buy from the engagement ring stores. The repayment period will vary from bank to bank. As per your convenience, you can look out for the best return facilities and choose. However, you will have to be ready for the loan application process and documents for the formalities. Also, you will have to wait until the loan is approved and you actually get the cash. If you have the time to wait, you can go for this financing option.

Muhammad Aamir