Cost Of Lip Injections And Their Benefits

If you are among those who are sad about their thin lips or maybe the shape of their lips then lip injection is what you need. It is the safest and the most genuine processes of enhancing the shape and the fullness of lips temporarily or permanently. Be ready to experience a celebrity like lip only with lip injections. To give you an idea about the pocket pinch here we have given you the lip injection cost too.

What is the process?

The process of lip injections is very simple. Earlier a substance called collagen which the epidermis of our skin forms naturally was injected into the lips artificially to make it firmer and fuller but in present time’s collagen has been replaced by a substance named hyaluronic acid which can also be naturally found in the body and is used to increase the thickness of the lips.

Lip Injections

What is the minimum cost?

The minimum lip injection cost can vary from place to place and from quality to quality. Higher the quality of the lip injection used higher will be the price and vice versa. In the present day the maximum cost of these lip injections can go up to 700 dollars whereas the minimum cost is up to dollar 500 requiring follow up treatments.

What are its benefits?

The benefits of lip injections is that you get a fuller and more beautiful lip that looks more attractive than it was before. Not only the fullness or the volume is enhanced but also the colour, texture and shape also changes for the better after lip injections. A lip injection has the ability to change the whole look of your face and make you look like a completely different person.

What are its drawbacks?

There are no drawbacks for lip injections as all natural substances are being used but there are some temporary effects that everyone goes through during the healing process that is swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness and sometimes mild bleeding if not taken care of properly. Therefore always ask the clinic how to take care of your lip post injections.

How many follow ups will you need?

You will generally need a touch up every five to six months depending upon the type of lip filler used by your clinic and the type of result that you want. you can even erase the look that the injection gives you by asking your doctor to inject an enzyme that dissolves the lip filler completely restoring back your old lip shape and volume. Always consult well before you splurge on a lip injection procedure.

Some things to keep in mind

Though the substances used in the process are absolutely natural therefore there are no side effects at all but you may be allergic to some of the substances used therefore it is recommended that you take an allergy test beforehand before getting yourself a lip injection. Post lip injections there are some common effects which last only a few days. They are normal.

Muhammad Aamir