Carry on Spinner for the Everyday Traveler

Wheeled luggage is a vital element for a traveler, who is always on the go. And for everyday travelers who need for avoiding the long lines at the ticket counter or the never-ending wait at the baggage carousel, heaving around a carry-on through crowds at the airport or maneuvering it over a pavement or at the parking lot is a cumbersome task. These days, the heaviest luggage to the smallest bags have a pair of wheels making it easy to maneuver and very convenient for using.

In the new category of Post 9, see page as Spinners are fairly new in the age of modern luggage. A suitcase with four luggage wheels situated at each of the four corners that makes it a spinner differentiating   it from the traditional roller case.

Carry on Spinner for the Everyday Traveler

The benefit of using the spinner versus the two-wheeled roller case is that it is so effortless for moving it in any direction (360 degree rotation), with absolutely no resistance, making it a popular choice. The only disadvantage is that if you leave your Spinner luggage unmanned on a slope, it is going to end up with chasing for your luggage.

There is no dearth of choices when you want to select carrying on spinner luggage. It comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and a wide range of colors and it variedly depends on what best suits the traveler. Most spinner weigh more even when they are empty than the traditional roller case due to the luggage wheels. Spinner does come in varying prices, which are different in the price reflected the quality and durability of the materials used.

There are major brands in carry on spinner luggage and there are two types:

  • Soft shell spinners can be a very popular choice with those travelers who should want to squeeze in the little extra something in your luggage. It is usually made from either polyester or ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is very easy to maintain and clean. Spinner luggage should be made of leather can be of significantly more expensive options.
  • Head shell spinners should not be wearing out quickly as these are very popular choice among many travelers and they come in a variety of colors depending on the brand.

Some of the brands like Samsonite are household brands name in the category of modern luggage and for most travelers this is not just an option, it is the best choice. There are both hard and soft shell selections available. For everyday traveler, there are extra lightweight options that would fit well in the overhead compartment.

Through cheap luggage, the people do not compromise on durability and style. Many times, the material of the luggage wears out or handles get stuck or break due to faulty designing. No one should be wanting for buying and replacing luggage every now and then because of the lack of quality or durability.

Investing in a good luggage set should be seen as necessary expenditure. When you are left stranded with your luggage, when the luggage wheel breaks or if the material of the luggage tears apart because of rough handling or if the zipper comes off when trying to open it in a hurry, the heartache is not worth it. When you use luggage you are assured of quality and style.

  • Quitting the long airline queue for your boarding pass
  • Skipping the waiting process at the baggage claim area
  • Losing bags again or getting them damaged by the handling of the airlines
  • Saving an airline fees
  • Flexibility in changing flights and faster international connections
  • Move around faster
  • Simplifying your travel

Muhammad Aamir