Can Molluscum contagiosum Be Cured?

Molluscum contagiosum is a very common skin infection that happen mostly to children. It frequently occur in people who are healthy. Typically, the rashes will appear on the arms and legs. The majority of molluscum contagiosum cases can be easily cured. There are very few people have the infection for a prolonged period without getting cured. For some people, the rashes can go away on its own. The virus only affect the skin and will not affect the internal organs. The virus will not enter into the blood stream in your body.

It often occur to children that are under the age of 12 years old. It can happen in adult as a result of a sexually transmitted infection. Survey shows that there are more males that get contracted with the molluscum contagiosum skin infection than females. It is also possible to get the infection when you are using the steam or sauna room when someone who has the infection is in the same room. Often, the bumps will scatter on the skin in group of 1 – 30. The bumps can be scattered on all over the skin while some will clustered together in a patch.

It can take 6 – 18 months for the molluscum contagoisum rashes to disappear. When the spots are about to be healed, it will look inflamed and red. The treatment of molluscum contagiosum will depend on the age of the patient. The treatment options that are offered by the doctor are usually painful and can cause scarring. Cryotheraphy is one of the methods that the doctor offer for treating the molluscum contagiosum. It involves freezing the bumps with liquid nitrogen until they are cleared up. In curettage, the dermatologist will inject an anesthesia before using a sharp instrument to scrape the bumps.

It is your responsibility to do your best to not allow the infection to be spread to others. You must never share your items with others. When you are having the molluscum contagiosum infection, you should avoid using razor to shave the hair because it will cause the bumps to spread. It is advised that you get the Molluscum treatment cream from over the counter and apply it on your bumps so that it will start healing and stop spreading to other parts of your body. The cream contain several active ingredients that can strengthen your immune system to fight against the virus of the molluscum contagiosum.

The rashes will go away on its own in a few days when you follow the application instructions to apply it. Using the cream prevents you from having to squeeze the spots which can cause scarring. Treating the bumps is better than ignoring them. If you ignore the bumps, you will continue to carry the virus and people will try to avoid you when you are around. When you recover from the molluscum contagiosum rashes, make sure you practice good hygiene and always use antibacterial body shampoo to wash your body. You should also avoid public pools and other places where there is a chance of getting the infection.

Muhammad Aamir