Astonishing Nail Design for Beginners

In this world of fashion parade there is no end of what is called fashion and style. From head to toes style and fashion has been done especially by fashionable girls of this modern world. In the same way nail designing also has become a part of fashion.

 The beginners of this fashionable period have an ample of opportunities to explore your talent in designing nails and get a special look at a special moment among others. Therefore, to give an opportunity and idea in designing nails, some of the astonishing nail designs for beginners has been brought for you, you can follow them and get special attraction by others.

Watery nail design

Here are the list of some of an astonishing nail design for beginners

  1. Watery nail design

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Watery nail design can be picked as one of the best design to get an elegant look of your nails. You can see the beautiful picture of a watery nail design in a unique appearance. This nail design has been made by the use of glittering gel transparent nail polish and over that a shining diamond type stone has been affixed.  This design would best suit, if worn with off- white dresses. You can collect the available materials from the accessories and try them at your home.

  1. Cool nail design

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The picture itself suggests the name of this nail design, as the appearance of this nail design is cool and calm. This cool nail design can be selected as the best nail design for young pretty girls who love dressing as simple and cool. You can see the picture that the border line of this nail design in orange colour has been created. This design looks cool and decent; it is suitable to use this nail design in any occasion.

  1. Love nail design

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Love nail design is one of the astonishing nail designs for beginners of this modern generation. The modern and young girls who are in a stage of teenage years mostly favour this nail design. You can use this nail design especially on a valentines day, to impress and show your love and affection to your love one. To bring out this nail design, you have to use only two colours of nail paint. Following this nail design, you can try with different colours of nail polish as the design is simple to adopt.

  1. Volga dots nail design

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Volga dots nail design is a beautiful and creative nail design for young and fashionable teenage girls.  You can see the picture, how a black colour dots has been creatively utilise over a green background, this design would best suit with a colourful western ethnic dresses. You can try this design by sitting at

  1. Sunrise nail design

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Sunrise nail design is one of the best astonishing nail designs for beginners. This design is elegant and unique among many nail designs. To bring out this design, you can use a deep yellow colour nail polish as background colour and over that an orange colour is to be spread lightly and at the edge of the nail apply orange colour nail polish thickly. This nail design would best suit with bright colour lehenga, churider, saree etc.

  1. Tapuri nail design

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If you are bored up using a plain colour nail polish and want to create something new and interesting than try a tapuri nail design as shown in the picture. To get this tapuri nail design, you have to affix the image of different cartoon on your nails and all those nail cartoons are available in the accessories, you can collect it easily. This nail design can be used especially when you go on a concert show and it also symbolises the sign of hip hop rock star.

  1. Butterfly nail design

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Butterfly nail design is a beautiful nail design for young and energetic fashionable girls. This design can be use especially on a special occasion like marriage, party and festival. A black colour nail polish has been used to mark a borderline so that it would be clearly visible and attract the eye of any person. A white dot has been use so creatively that it would give the exact look of a butterfly. Try this design and enjoy the elegant and unique look of your nails.

These, are some of the astonishing nail designs for the beginners of this fashionable period. Young and modern stylish girls, who are hunting to get their nails well decorated by various style, can try the above mentioned nail designs one by one and be special among others. If you like the nail designs as mentioned above, don’t forget to share it with your friends and for any queries comment below.


Muhammad Aamir