6 Celebrity Skin Secrets

Maybe we’re not all getting ready for magazine shoots, highly coordinated selfie sessions (a la the Kardashians) or movie filming. But even setting aside the wonders of Photoshop, we know that what many celebs, do, works. Given this, here are 6 tips from the stars for superb skin.

6 Celebrity Skin Secrets

#1 Paste Away Pimples
According to Fergie, just a few dots of regular old toothpaste does the trick to stop blemishes when they pop up. While it’s possible that toothpaste can dry out the pimples, scientists specialized in skin care at Adore Cosmetics advise that it’s much more effective to go with a benzoyl peroxide product or another type of formulated cream with research-backed evidence as far as ingredients.

#2 Use Plant Power
Julia Roberts favors creams that are packed with rose hips and other antioxidants that mimic the action of peptides to stimulate collagen production.

#3 Get Misty
As part of her routine, Liz Tyler starts with foundation and a smidgen of blush. Then she mists her face with rosewater spray and lays tissue over it. She swears by this as a way to look fresh and actually make-up free.

#4 Plump Up
Kate Winslet and other stars favor lightweight creams with heavy-duty ingredients, such as topic collagen and hyaluronic acid, both of which work to plump skin to give it a full, lush look.

#5 Skip Makeup with a Quick Trick
Eva Mendes says she often blends a shimmery bronzer with moisturizer and then applies, which gives her a made-up look without heavy makeup and of course benefits her skin through the hydration from the moisturizer.

#6 Treat Yourself like a Queen
Royal Jelly is an ingredient secreted by honeybees that’s actually for the benefit of the queen bee of the hives. Jennifer Anniston, a “queen bee” of the movie scene in her own right, told an interview that she has a spoonful of royal jelly every day to help promote her skin’s lushness. Based on how she looks and the chockful of amino acids, minerals and vitamins in royal jelly, it could be worth a try. However, make sure you check with your doctor first because some people can have allergic reactions to this type of substance.

Muhammad Aamir