5 Most Dramatic Eyeliners That Make You Look Gorgeous And Sexy

Today, I’m going to share with you the five most trending eyeliner styles that will give you a dramatic and attractive look. It’s true that without applying eyeliner your makeup seems to be incomplete, similarly if you only apply eyeliner still you can have a very glamorous look. I have handpicked these styles as I believe they can give you the right look and make you look sexy and gorgeous. These styles are so easy that you will absolutely fall in love with them; there is no need to spend hours in trying these looks. Every girl wants to apply her eyeliner neatly, for this purpose many girls opt for liquid eyeliners while some go for pencil eyeliners whatever they are comfortable with. But I assure you, that these looks can be easily managed by both types of products. So let’s not keep you waiting here are five most dramatic eyeliner tips that make you look sexy and gorgeous.

Under The Eye Eyeliner

I’m totally in love with this style, its perfect for that different look that you need at times. Here is a simple and easy process on how to create this look.

  1. To get the perfect liner under the eye, a Kohl eye pencil or liquid cream eyeliner is perfect. You can get this look perfectly with Beth Bender Beauty Eyeliner & Shadow Stick.
  2. While you are applying the eyeliner on the lower lash, don’t stop on the edge instead extend a little and give it a faux cat eye look.
  3. When finishing the look apply the gel eyeliner just underneath the upper lid at the outer corner.

Angel Eyeliner

From Amber Heard to Sonam Kapoor, all these divas have tried this look to make the heads turn in their direction. Although, it is difficult to achieve the perfection in this look, but with a little practice you can get the perfect angel eyeliner. Follow these steps to get the look:

  1. Use a marker style pen to create the angel eyeliner makeup; you will require e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen to create the outline.
  2. Start by making a dotted line along your upper lash line, the dotted line should be made in a wing shape past the corner of your eyes.
  3. Now drag the pen from the lower wing inwards till the center.
  4. Use a colorful shade of eye pencil to apply on the inner corner and under the eye till the midpoint.

 Colored Eye Liner

Applying colored eyeliner gives you a very glamorous look; it is perfect for a party or formal event. You have no idea how colored eyeliner can enliven a plain face and bring a certain twist in a simple look. Here is a small step by step guide that you can follow to achieve this look:

  1. Take a brown or black eye pencil and prime your lower and upper eye lashes with it.
  2. The best way to get this look is by using colored eye pencil e.l.f. Sparkling Eyes 5 Piece Eyeliner Set, or if you want to add more texture to your liner you can also use an eye shadow palette. To apply colored eyeliner use a flat brush and dab it with your favorite color.
  3. Place the brush under the upper lid and work it out towards the inner corners.

Do share with us how you looked once you have tried these amazing looks. And if there are any new styles which you have invented then don’t hesitate in sharing them with us.

Flick Eyeliner

This is the best style of prepping your eyes and it can be achieved by everybody. This is simple and essential sort that can make you look sharp in simplicity. It doesn’t require an excessive amount of your time and you can easily make it in minutes.

Smudge Eyeliner

Many ladies like to wear smudge style for highlighting reason. It is applied by a little brush on both sides of upper and lower lashes. A few young ladies make layers of it for an alternate look.

Muhammad Aamir