4 Smoking Accessories to Upgrade

When was the last time that you upgraded your smoking accessories? For far too many marijuana fans, the answer is “I don’t remember.” While legalization has invited us to appreciate the finer points of different strands of marijuana, far too many of us are reserving our connoisseur’s taste for our herb — while maintaining a real “collegiate stoner” attitude toward our gear.


It’s time to break out of that. Would you serve wine in a coffee mug? Would you put an old-fashioned in a chipped glass? Of course not — so stop treating your marijuana that way. Upgrade your gear and enjoy a better experience. And start with these four accessories, because these are the upgrades that will make the biggest difference.


Your bong


A small pipe or a moderately sized bubbler can be a great and convenient way to smoke, and there’s no denying that the health benefits of vaping are intriguing. But when it comes to the ultimate smoking experience, there’s no substitute for a bong!


There may, however, be a substitute for your bong. Bongs are great, but not all bongs are the same. And if you’re still using some gas-station contraption instead of a full-featured HISI glass piece or other brand-name product, then it is high time that you made some upgrades. Head to a local head shop or — better yet — browse a huge catalog at a trusted online retailer. Find a bong that really has you covered — get yourself a nice one with features like an ice catcher.


Cleaning supplies


We’re going to be charitable here and assume that you are “upgrading” your cleaning supplies and not, you know, buying them for the first time ever. Because, folks, you really need to be cleaning your gear.


Smoking is a great hobby, but it can make a mess. Nobody likes the sickly look of dirty bong water, and nobody wants to smell dirty marijuana paraphernalia. Being the mature and refined smoker that you are, though, you’ll clean your gear — and you’ll clean it often.


And you’ll use dedicated cleaning products. Baking soda will work fine with some techniques, but you’ll be better off if you buy cleaning supplies and specialized cleaning tools from your reliable smoking supplier.


Your grinder


Man, does anything break more often than a grinder? It seems like those little teeth are always coming off, and that the caps are always falling off or fitting incorrectly onto the threads.


Or, at least, that’s the reality when you get a cheap grinder. If you’re still using a cheap grinder, now is the time to upgrade. You need a nice one with heavier metal (your old one was metal, right? Please don’t say that it was plastic. We can’t take it). You need lots of features, like the essential keef catcher, stronger magnets, and proper teeth that will grind up your herb without leaving bits of it unscathed and caked into corners. It might even be time to upgrade to an electric option.


Spend a reasonable amount of cash on your grinder, just once, and then hold onto it forever. That will be way better than buying cheap ones again and again — trust us!


Your stash box


OK, so this isn’t exactly a core smoking accessory. It’s just where you put your stuff. But trust us when we say that upgrading your stash box can transform your smoking experience.


Nothing says “sloppy stoner” like a shoebox or a plastic ziplock bag. If you’re an adult who just happens to enjoy marijuana, then you should treat it the way other people treat alcohol or tobacco — as a relaxing and classy ritual. And that means unpacking your gear from a classy stash box.


Get yourself a nice tin or a hinged wooden box. Buy a ceramic jar with a lid or invest in a vintage toolbox. Pick whatever moves you — but get something with display-worthy looks and functional elegance. It’s the upgrade that will let you hide your hobby in plain sight.

Muhammad Aamir